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Dynamic allocation of storage areas with VSAM files is accomplished by

  • hashing
  • control splits
  • over flow areas
  • relative recording
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1. Which operating system reacts in the actual time

  • Batch system
  • Quick response system
  • Real time system
  • Time sharing system

2. Dirty bit is used to show

  • Page with corrupted data
  • Wrong page in memory
  • Page that is modified after being loaded in the cache memory
  • page that is less frequently accessed

3. Scissoring enables

  • a part of data to be displayed
  • entire data to be displayed
  • full data display on fulll area of sceen
  • no data display

4. Daisy chain is a device for

  • connecting a number of controllers to a device
  • connecting a number of device to a controller
  • all of above
  • none of above

5. Memory protection is normally done by

  • the processor and the associated hardware
  • the operating system
  • the compiler
  • the user program
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