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What among following is a generic class ?

  • Function Template
  • Class Template
  • Inherited Template
  • None of above
Similar Questions :

1. The function used to define the task assigned to an operator is ?

  • Virtual function
  • Static function
  • Operator function
  • Friend function

2. 37. Which of the following statements is false ?

  • Using typedef does not replace the standard C++ data type name with the new name
  • The new name defined by typedef, can be used as a type for another typedef
  • typedef defines new data types
  • None of the above

3. The members of a class are ?

b) by default are private
c) are made private by declaring as private
d) none of the above]

  • have no visibility by default
  • public by default
  • private by default
  • protected by default

4. Which is more memory efficient ?

  • structure
  • union
  • both use same memory
  • depends on a programmer

5. What is object in C++ ?

  • Object is part of syntax of a class.
  • Object is datatype of a class.
  • Object is an instance of a class.
  • Object is function of a class.
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