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What is wild pointer in c

  • a pointer which we need to write in future
  • a pointer which has bad naming convention
  • a pointer which has no limit
  • a point which has not initialized
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1. Any type of modification on the parameter inside the function will reflect in actual variable value can be related to

  • call by value
  • call by reference
  • both of above
  • none of above

2. Which is invalid name of identifier

  • world
  • addition23
  • test_name
  • factorial

3. UML meaning is

  • Unique modeling language
  • Unified modeling language
  • Unified modern language
  • Unified master laqnguage

4. If (*p) and **p is same

  • No
  • Yes

5. Adding to a pointer that points to an array will

  • Cause an error
  • Increase the value of the element that the pointer is pointing to
  • Cause the pointer to point to the next element in the array
  • None of above
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