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Which among following has invalid syntax ?

  • #include
  • #include file
  • #include "file"
  • None of above
Similar Questions :

1. What is the meaning of base class in C++

  • Another class got inherit from this class
  • It inherit other class
  • It has a pointer variable
  • It is the first class declared

2. How we define our name for constants

  • #constant
  • #define
  • #define_constant
  • #constant_define

3. Which operator is used to define a member of a class from outside the class definition

  • ->
  • ::
  • .
  • >>

4. Declaring pointer more than one can cause

  • Trap
  • abort a program
  • error
  • none of above

5. What is inheritance

  • Inheritance allows one class to reuse the state and behavior of another class.
  • It deals with dangling pointers
  • It deals with void pointers
  • It is type of class declaration
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