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Which among following SQL commands is used to add a row

  • ADD
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1. Two basic types of record access methods are

  • sequential and random
  • direct and immediate
  • sequential and indexed
  • online and real time

2. The logical structure with one to many relationships is a

  • network
  • tree
  • chain
  • relational

3. Modify operation is likely to be done after

  • Delete
  • Lookup
  • Indexing
  • Insertion

4. Attribute of one table matching to the primary key of other table, is called as

  • foreign key
  • secondary key
  • candidate key
  • composite key

5. Fragmentation of a file system

  • Can always be prevented
  • occurs only is file is not used properly
  • Can be temporarily removed by compaction
  • None of above
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