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You can edit an embedded organization chart object by ?

  • Double clicking the organization chart object
  • Clicking edit object
  • Right clicking the chart object, then clicking edit MS-Organizaiton Chart object
  • A and C both
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1. What are the steps to insert slide numbers?

  • Insert a text box and select Insert >> Page Number
  • Choose Insert >> Slide Number
  • Insert a new text box and select Insert >> slide Number
  • Insert a textbox and select Insert >> Number >> PageNumber

2. How we can replace a font on all slides with another font in Powerpoint ?

  • Tools -> Fonts
  • Edit -> Fonts
  • Format -> Replace Fonts
  • Tools -> Replace Fonts

3. In Microsoft PowerPoint two kind of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are ?

  • .wav files and .gif files
  • .jpg files and .gif files
  • .wav files and .jpg files
  • .wav files and .mid files

4. All of above are false statements

  • You can change positioning by selecting fomr one of pre made slide layouts
  • You can't delete objects within layout if you choose to select from pre made slide layouts
  • In the slide layout panel we can find blank slide at the top of Content Layouts
  • All of above are false statements

5. Which PowerPoint feature allows the user to create a simple presentation quickly ?

  • AutoContent Wizard
  • Transition Wizard
  • Chart Wizard
  • Animations
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