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  • Current Affairs 29th May 2018

    Updated : 29-May-2018
    Current Affairs 29th May 2018

    Current Affairs 29th May 2018 - Important Points

    • Agreement  signed between BCCI  and UN Environment to promote - Green Cricket in India
    • India launched its second IT corridor in China on - May 27th 2018
    • IMD to team up with BSNL for sending  -  Extreme weather warnings
    • Ireland ends abortion ban as quiet revolution transforms country on - 26th May 2018
    • EU's new data protection rules came into effect on- 25th May 2018
    • China officially sets civilisation age at 5800 years on - 28th May 2018

    Current Affairs 29th May 2018 - Details

    Agreement  signed between BCCI  and UN Environment to promote - Green Cricket in India

    The BCCI has inked Letter of Intent with United Nations Environment to promote green’ cricket in India. The corporation goals to spread greater awareness about crucial environmental challenges that India is facing and limelight alternate and additional sustainable solutions.
    Key Points

    • Through this Letter of Intent, Board of Control for Cricket in India will encourage to decrease its environmental influence by greening its operations and appealing cricketers and followers in green initiatives.
    • Partnering with United Nations Environment will benefit to make cricket green and sensitise audiences towards diminishing waste production during matches.
    • It will also aim on pushing out single-utilised plastic around stadiums in the nation.
      Green Cricket Initiatives
    • Movies with messages from skippers of numerous franchises will be telecasted in stadiums lime-lighting threats of plastic pollution during the game of IPL.
    • At the 4 matches played at Holkar Stadium in MP, a Green Protocol grounded on idea of 3 Rupees to decrease, reuse and reprocess was applied.
    • M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru, Karnataka substituted plastic cups and bottles with environment-welcoming replacements for more than 32,000 followers.
      UN Environment
      United Nations Environment is foremost worldwide environmental authority that forms worldwide
      environmental agenda, assists as commanding advocate for worldwide environment. It was recognized in June 1972. It is HQ in Nairobi, Kenya.

    IMD to team up with BSNL for sending  -  Extreme weather warnings

    The India Meteorological Department has tied-up with state-operated BSNL to transmit extreme
    weather alerts to individuals. The warnings will be about looming extreme weather conditions including
    rainstorms and heatwave.
    Key Points

    • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and Indian Meteorological Department will broadcast area specified
      warnings to subscribers if they happen to be at place likely in extreme weather conditions.
    • The workout is being carried out in an investigational stage, and if effective, Ministry of Earth Sciences devices to rope in other weather interventions also.
      Did you know?
      The initiative comes after Indian Meteorological Department came under disapproval from several
      quarters, for not broadcasting specific warnings. Government weather forecasting companies have
      limitations in broadcasting information, especially for thunderstorms where issues disclose very quickly. Since these weather forecasting companies cannot reach every person, there must a midway agency that could pass on the forecast to individuals. Prime Minister’s Office had recently asked Indian Meteorological Department to broadcast weather advisories to people.

    India launched its second IT corridor in China on - May 27th 2018

    India releases its 2nd IT corridor in China to advantage from the nation’s growing software market, on May 27th , 2018. The Digital Collaborative Opportunities Plaza platform, IT corridor, was recognized in China’s Guiyang city by the NASSCOM.
    Key Highlights

    • During the launch of the corridor, MoUs worth about 6 million US Dollars were inked among Indian service providers and Chinese clienteles by China's Guiyang Municipal government and the National Association of Software and Services Companies.
    • The pilot projects released on the SIDCOP platform would be performed during 2019.
    • National Association of Software and Services Companies had recognized its 1st SIDCOP platform in the Chinese port city of Dalian in December 2017.
    • While the focus of Dalian corridor was on Internet of Things, the Guiyang corridor will aim on Big Information.
    • The release ceremony witnessed the participation of above 350 delegates from Indian and Chinese firms.
      Did you know?
      India's top IT companies have a large presence in China, which is supposed to deliver a doorway for the Indian IT-small and medium-sized initiatives. India has been asking China to deliver market access to Indian IT and pharmaceutical companies for several years to decrease the bilateral business deficit. The 2 corridors started in partnership with China's provincial governments are believed to deliver the ample required mega opening for Indian IT companies.

    Ireland ends abortion ban as quiet revolution transforms country on - 26th May 2018

    Ireland voted to finish the abortion ban, an initiative greeted as the culmination of “a quiet revolution” in one of the Europe’s most socially traditional nations, on May 26 th , 2018. A quiet revolution has been happening in Ireland over the past couple of decades. Voters selected to liberalise the much preventive abortion laws by 2-to-1, thus, permitting the government to bring in the new legislation by the end of the year. 
    The poll follows a sensitive movement. More than 3.2 million people recorded to vote in the referendum.
    In favour of the vote

    • The Chairwoman of the Termination for Medical Reasons, Siobhan Donohue explained the result as “hugely significant"
    • Donohue was one who had to travel to neighbouring Britain to undergo an abortion, when her baby TJ was detected with a foetal anomaly.
      Against the vote
    • Orla Halpenny, a doctor and representative for the anti-abortion group ‘Doctors for Life’, labelled the result as disappointing Halpenny is now worried that doctors will not have the right to reject to refer patients for termination services.

    EU's new data protection rules came into effect on- 25th May 2018

    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation was brought into complete effect on May 25th , 2018.
    The new data privacy rules elucidate personal rights to the personal data collected by firms worldwide for focused advertising and other determinations.
    Key Highlights

    • The General Data Protection Regulation forms fresh rules for how firms manage and share personal information.
    • Though the rules apply only to the inhabitants of the EU, the worldwide nature of the internet means that approximately every online service will be affected.
    • While the guideline mainly builds on the guidelines formed by earlier European Union privacy measures, it enlarges on those measures in 2 crucial ways:
      1.The General Data Protection Regulation forms a higher bar for gaining personal information on the internet, higher than ever seen earlier.
      2.So, any time a firm will need to gather personal information of any European Union inhabitant, it will need explicit and informed permission from the concerned individual. The rule explicitly extends to firms based outside the EU.
      A. The companies will have to simplify how long they hold information.
      B. The rules will also pressurise firms that suffer information breaks to disclose them within 72 hours.
    • The fresh rules will apply to all users in the European Union, regardless of where the companies collecting, analysing and using their data are located.
    • Hence the rules will affect social networking giants such as Facebook and Google, as they have millions of users in Europe.
    • Further, the companies based in the EU will have to offer the privacy protection rules to all their users, not just EU residents.

    China officially sets civilisation age at 5800 years on - 28th May 2018

    The Chinese researchers declared on May 28th , 2018 that the Chinese civilization was originated 5800 years ago and was matured 3800 years ago. The declaration was made at a State Council press meeting by the Deputy Director of State Administration for Cultural Heritage, Guan Qiang. The conclusions were completed after fifteen years of state subsidized work.
    Key Findings

    • Guan Qiang elucidated that the 1st signals of civilisation developed in areas around the Yellow, Yangtze and Western Liao rivers. Other parts of China established equally advanced cultures around 5300 years ago.
    • Some 3800 years ago, a much mature civilisation appeared in the central plains of the nation and started to culturally inspiring the surrounding regions.
      15 years of Study
    • The studies are the outcome of a programme that was released by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001 and finished in 2016.
    • The investigation was directed by specialists from the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Peking University with foremost archaeologists.
    • China is measured to be the oldest in the world courting back from ancient times to modern times. Till date, it had been broadly expected that the Chinese civilisation had above 5000 years of history.

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