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In context of database DML Means

  • Data Multiplication Line
  • Data Manupulation Language
  • Data Method Limit
  • Data Merit Logic
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1. Which command is used to set a link between two database files

  • JOIN

2. Administrative supervision of database activities is responsibility of

  • Database administrator
  • DP Manager
  • DB Manager
  • None of above

3. Data item characteristics that are important in data management include

  • punctuation
  • language
  • spelling
  • width

4. The master list of an indexed file

  • is sorted in ascending order
  • contains only a list of keys and record numbers
  • has a number assigned to each record
  • none of above

5. Network structure

  • is a physical representation of data
  • is conceptually simple
  • allows many to many relationships
  • none of above
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