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  • Current Affairs 11th August 2019

    Updated : 11-Aug-2019
    Current Affairs 11th August 2019

    Current Affairs 11th August 2019 - Important Points

    Pakistani MS/MD degrees de-recognized - Saudi Arabia 

    Current Affairs 11th August 2019 - Details

    Pakistani MS/MD degrees  de-recognizes by -  Saudi Arabia 

    Saudi Arabia has de-recognized Pakistani Post-Graduate medical degree programs including MS/MD degrees. The gulf nation dismissed all doctors with Pakistani MS/MD degrees. Other Arab nations including Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have also trailed suit and de-recognised Pakistani Post-Graduate medical programs.
    Saudi Arabia enquired several highly-qualified Pakistani medics in the Gulf kingdom to be ready to leave/deported. The decision has tensed hundreds of Pakistani medics.
    Pakistani MS/MD degrees de-listed

    • Saudi Arabia along with other Arab nations has de-listed Pakistan’s PG degree programs including MS and MD.
    • Saudi Arabia has aloof the 2 Post-Graduate medical programs from the suitability list of the highest-paid tier.
    • The most affected by the decision are the Pakistani doctors, who were appointed by the Saudi
      Health Ministry in 2016 when it had led interviews in Pakistani cities including Karachi, Lahore and
      Reason behind de-recognised
    • As per to the Saudi Ministry of Health, the Pakistani medical programmes were lacking properly
      structured training. According to the minister, organised training is compulsory to leasing medics in
      high positions.
    • However, the same degree program presented by India, Egypt, Sudan, and Bangladesh will continue to be recognized in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations.

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