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Chemistry Questions Answers

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  • Rick Ensley 1 year ago

    Can somebody explain to me what an non example Isotope is?

  • Stuart 1 year ago

    Ans of question 11 is wrong...... Chlorine bleaches by the process of oxidation. It needs moisture for its bleaching action. Chlorine reacts with water to form hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids. Hypochlorous acid is unstable, and it easily dissociates to form nascent oxygen.

  • bablu yadav 1 year ago

    Your status are appear very nice .

  • Manoj Harne 1 year ago

    26. Which have the maximum density ?





    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option A

    Explanation : Water = 1.0000 g/ml and chloroform = 1.589 g/ml at 25°C

  • Faisal 1 year ago

    Petroleum is found in Sedimentary rocks not in Igneous

  • Debaditya Mondal 1 year ago


  • VIPAN SAIN 1 year ago

    Silicon is the right answer

  • Sudipta Nag 1 year ago

    11. Bleaching action of chlorine is by





    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option A

    ans will be D

  • Sudipta Nag 1 year ago

    90. Which gas is filled in refrigerators ?





    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option A

    Explanation:sir 1st time i heard that CFC are filled in the refrigerator . i think in your site many of questions are pasted from other site with wrong and disgusting answer.

  • Sudipta Nag 1 year ago

    89. Contact lenses are made from ?

    Polyvinyl chloride




    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option A

    Sir . PVC is not used to make contact lenses.

  • Sudipta Nag 1 year ago

    12. Which metal is heaviest ?





    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option B

    Explanation: its the wrong ans . osmium is the rgt ans

  • Kavi Chaudhary 2 years ago

    please do check questions 12 and 16... answers are wrong i think...!

  • vengat 2 years ago

    Aluminium is correct. Oxygen is not an element . It is a Gas.

  • SUBHRA NANDI 2 years ago


  • Himanshu saxena 2 years ago


  • MAYENG 2 years ago

    45 answer should be oxygen...sir please provide definite correct answer otherwise we will think the wrong ans as right,,

    Moumita Sahoo 2 years ago replied

    no the toxic aluminium.

    mastguru 2 years ago replied

    Sure Srinu, we will work on your feedback and will add more questions.

    Joy Adhikari 1 year ago replied

    may i help you, i am joy from kolkata

  • Rancho 2 years ago

    sir are these questions(of all subject) enough to get 25-30 marks in ssc cgl

    mastguru 2 years ago replied

    Hi Manish, questions are meant to practice and give fair idea about which type of questions can come in exam. We suggest you prepare as much as you can..
    "The more we sweat in practice, the less we bleed in battle" :)

  • Nitesh 2 years ago


    mastguru 2 years ago replied

    Sure Nitesh !

  • maske pooja 2 years ago

    thanks iot

  • maske pooja 2 years ago

    i have Analytical Chemistry.
    questions plzzzz types

  • uma maheswar 3 years ago

    will you add V.R.O type questions PLZZZZ..

  • Rishikesh Yadav 3 years ago

    could you drop some importent question of chemistry to my mail id.plz plz plz

  • shahrukh 3 years ago


  • md.gheyasuddin 3 years ago


  • udhayanan 3 years ago

    Rare gases are monoatomic, it is given as diatomic. Please correct it.

  • amit 4 years ago

    plkease give a feature for current affairs and gk on mobile and email id

    mastguru 4 years ago replied

    Thanks Amit for dropping by your valuable feedback.. we will soon integrate current affairs feature too.

  • Priya dutta 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot mastguru team. Many questions I can reacal from many exams, thanks for giving handpicked quesions. Very helpful website.

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