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The term PVC used in the plastic industry stands for

  • polyvinyl chloride
  • polyvinyl carbobate
  • phosphor vanadiu chloride
  • phosphavinyl chloride
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1. A catalyst is a substance which

  • increases the activation energy
  • increases the rate of reaction and increases the equilibrium concentration of products
  • changes the equilibrium of a reaction so that the concentration of the product increases
  • hastens the attainment of equilibrium

2. Brass is an alloy of ?

  • Copper and Tin
  • Copper and Zinc
  • Copper and Aluminium
  • Iron and Copper

3. Which is used in preparation of dynamite ?

  • glycerol
  • ethyl alcohol
  • methyl alcohol
  • glycol

4. What nucleus of atom contains ?

  • protons
  • electrons
  • electrons and protons
  • protons and neutrons

5. What is metallurgy ?

  • process of extracting metal in pure form from its ore.
  • process of creating alloys of metals.
  • process of making metals live long.
  • None of above.
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