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Geography Questions Answers

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  • Ben T. Varfley 6 years ago

    I am a geography instructor, i would appreciate more geographical questions and answers and other relevant information that i can introduce to the Liberian students

  • Pradeep Jaiswal 7 years ago

    Question no 15 explanation tells that Titan is the largest satelite of the solar system.If i am not wrong then Gynemede is the largest satelite of Jupitor as well as solar system.

  • Tanmay P 7 years ago

    Questions are quite common. Now-a-days such questions are not asked in the exams. Please try to put some different questions. Good effort though.

  • debshruti das 7 years ago

    just fantabulous.! :)

  • Dead_Man 7 years ago

    Awesome site

  • nandakumar 7 years ago

    very good site.

  • PANKAJ THAKUR 8 years ago

    I have windows phone. Need your Windows app.

  • pooja deshmukh 8 years ago

    Surface temperature of Sun is 5504 c

  • Bhupesh Sharma 8 years ago

    do you have any app of your site

  • Rohit Shokeen 8 years ago

    Thanks a ton...
    Please share some more question of geography related to RRB exam

  • **MILKY** 8 years ago

    thanks for ur support :)

  • Pravin Kumar 8 years ago

    Please have a look.

    Q.23. Wrong answer
    Pyrenes Mountain.. is a range of mountains in southwest Europe that forms a natural border between France and Spain.

  • Sunitha Helan 8 years ago

    Its really interesting to prepare from this site. Mast guru provides all the basic facts of necessary topics.

  • Naveen Kumar 8 years ago

    Tq for giving this useful information

  • Ashok Kumar 8 years ago

    Thank you sir this is a very good site for all kind of knwledges

  • amit 8 years ago

    vernal equinox is occur on 20 march, please correct your mistek

  • saro 8 years ago

    question 15: Titan is not the largest satellite in the Solar System!!

    Ganymede is the largest !!

  • magesh jack 8 years ago

    nice one.. please increase the level of difficulty..

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  • Shashi kodan 8 years ago

    Very very impressive

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    thank you Shashi !

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  • arun 8 years ago

    q-8 .if Sun is composed of 75 % of hydrogen and 26.5 % of Helium then total will be 101.5 % ..correct the errors asap..

  • stuti verma 8 years ago

    i join this site today... and it is mind blowing site......

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    thank you Stuti for your kind feedback !

  • Hassi Hasan 9 years ago

    excellent site for competitive exams i have missed it for these many days................

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Thanks Hassi Hasan !!!

  • mkl 9 years ago

    Add more difficult questions

  • kk 9 years ago

    please add more upsc questions

  • Spike 9 years ago

    Can you sort out according to grades , so that even school students can get into this.

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Thanks Spike for feedback.. we will definitely consider it.

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  • Dheeraj 9 years ago

    Hi Team ... Can i get this material in PDF format.. if possible please mail

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  • qualitypointopm 9 years ago

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  • zaheer khan 9 years ago

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  • guru patil 9 years ago

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  • Putta Anusha 9 years ago

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  • Hira Nagpure 9 years ago

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  • Savan Butani 9 years ago

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  • sanjeev kumar 9 years ago

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    Keep going mastguru...!!

  • rakesh 10 years ago

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  • priyesh 10 years ago

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  • Vasudev 10 years ago

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