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  • One who is not having experience.
  • One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession.
  • One who have all happiness.
  • One who remains sad.
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1. Coquette

  • A motivational lady.
  • A woman who flirts.
  • A woman who can protect herself.
  • None of above.

2. Pacifist

  • One who is in confusion.
  • One who want all at any cost.
  • One who hates peace.
  • One who loves peace.

3. Ascetic

  • One who is in confusion.
  • One who make paintings.
  • One who leads an austere life.
  • One who is lover of beauty.

4. Indefatigable

  • Tired
  • Tireless
  • Just awaken
  • Running

5. Agnostic

  • One who is not sure about God's existence.
  • One who believes in God's existence.
  • One having different style of living.
  • None of above.
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