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  • where bees are kept.
  • where dogs are kept.
  • where cats are kept.
  • where rabbits are kept.
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1. Wardrobe

  • a place for goods.
  • a place for clothes.
  • a place for shoes.
  • a place for watches.

2. Monastery

  • a place where monks and priests do not like to go.
  • a place where monks and priests are prohibted.
  • a place where monks and priests do meetings.
  • a residence for monks and priests.

3. Reservoir

  • A place where no water is there.
  • A place where we store goods.
  • A place where water is collected and stored.
  • A cold place to store grains.

4. Dormitory

  • inner part of the city.
  • outskirts of a city.
  • sleeping rooms in an institution.
  • exercise rooms in an institution.

5. Hutch

  • a cage for parrot.
  • a cage for rabbits.
  • a cage for tiger.
  • a cage for lion.
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