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  • Who invented CT scan ?

    Answer: Hounsfield by Britain in 1973.

Similar Questions :

1. Who invented Ball-Point Pen ?

Answer: John J. Loud of U.S.A. in 1888

2. Who invented by Electric Lamp ?

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison of U.S.A. in 1879

3. Who invented Hydrogen bomb ?


Edward Teller

4. Who invented Logarithms ?


John Napier (Scotland) invented Logarithm


5. Who invented Biochemistry ?

Answer: Jan Baptista Van Helmont of Belgium in 1648.

6. Who invented Blood Transfusion ?

Answer: Jean-Baptiste Denys of France in 1625.

7. Who invented Bacteria ?

Answer: Leeuwenhock of Netherlands in 1683

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