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  • Who invented Vaccine of Rabies ?

    Answer: Louis Pasteur of France in 1885

Similar Questions :

1. Who invented Floppy disk ?

Answer: IBM in 1970

2. Who invented Penicillin ?

Answer: Alexander Fleming of Britain in 1928.

3. Who invented Stainless Steel ?

Answer: Harry Brearley of Britain in 1913.

4. Who invented DNA Structure ?

Answer: Crick(UK), Waston(US), Wilkins(UK) in 1951

5. Who invented Aeroplane

Answer: Orville & Wilbur Wright in 1903

6. Who invented Atomic theory ?

Answer: Dalton of Britain in 1803.

7. Who invented Transistor ?

Answer: Bardeen, Shockley & Britain of U.S.A. in 1948

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