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  • Who invented Vaccine of Rabies ?

    Answer: Louis Pasteur of France in 1885

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1. Who invented Steam Engine (Piston)

Answer: Thomas Newcomen of Britain in 1712

2. Who invented Ballistic missile ?

Answer: Wemher von Braun of Germany in 1944.

3. Who invented Chloroform as anaesthetic ?

Answer: James Simpson of Britain in 1847.

4. Who invented Neon Lamp ?


Georges Claude who was a French engineer, chemist and inventor

5. Who invented Radiocarbon ?


Willard Libby

6. Who invented Biochemistry ?

Answer: Jan Baptista Van Helmont of Belgium in 1648.

7. Who invented by Electric Lamp ?

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison of U.S.A. in 1879

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