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  • Who was the first person to win the Nobel prize for Peace ?

    Answer: Jin F. Dunant (Switzerland)and Frederic Peiry (France)

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1. First Woman Prime Minister Of Any Muslim Country ?

Answer: Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)

2. Who was the first man to draw the map of earth ?

Answer: Anexemander

3. Who was first to won Nobel Prize for Medicine ?

Answer: A.E. Wonn Behrig of Germany

4. Who was First secretary general of United Nations ?

Answer: Trigve Li

5. First President of United States of America ?

Answer: George Washington

6. Name of First Woman Prime Minister of a Country ?

Answer: Mrs. Srimavo Bhandarnayake (Sri Lanka)

7. Who was first man to set foot on moon ?

Answer: Neil Armstrong (USA)

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