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  • pialee sarkar 5 years ago


  • jagbir singh 5 years ago

    very effective website....sir

  • Abhi 6 years ago

    the explanations provided with every answer is amazing ! Keep it up Team Mast Guru !

  • Abhi 6 years ago


  • Abhi 6 years ago

    a well planned site.........for aspirants..........

  • Abhi 6 years ago

    very useful ! thanks !

  • dhivya 6 years ago

    can i download like this questions in pdf with explanation. pls share the link

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    Dhivya for questions we do not have pdf but we are looking for alternatives, stay tuned !

    dhivya 6 years ago replied

    thank u sir..please update asap.

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    Thanks Abhi for your feedback !

  • Rubi Alley 6 years ago

    Thanx sir its really useful..keep it up

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    Welcome Rubi and Thanks for your feedback !

  • Prateek 6 years ago

    These question are copied from R.S Aggarwal Book

  • mayank 7 years ago

    Acco. to Q.3 your ans. & explanation both are wrong.Go through it again.

  • devisingh 8 years ago

    very helpfull thanks sir

  • Devisingh Chauhan 8 years ago

    very useful Thanks sir