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  • A group of official documents.
  • A group of secret agents.
  • A group of heavy guns.
  • A bunch of clothes.
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1. Torrent

  • A boat tied with other boat in water.
  • A slow moving cascade.
  • A very slow stream of water.
  • A strong and fast-moving stream of water.

2. Drove

  • Group of people bathing in a river.
  • A herd or flock of animals being driven in a body.
  • A herd or flock of animals found dead.
  • Group of people learning a skill.

3. Cortege

  • a funeral procession.
  • a wining procession.
  • uncontrolled crowd.
  • a systematically managed crowd.

4. Caucus

  • a group of people taking part in a procession.
  • a group of people making noise.
  • a closed political meeting.
  • a group of people dancing.

5. Grove

  • A small group of people.
  • A small group of animals.
  • A small group of birds.
  • A small group of trees.
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