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  • IBPS PO Exam preparation tips

    Updated : 12-Jun-2017
    IBPS PO Exam preparation tips

    Covering all the important and cruicial things for the exams is itself a tedious task for the candidates appearing for the competitive exams especially in Banking Sector which has a huge competition.  But it is always well said , Where there is a will, There is a Way. Aspiring candidates preparing for the IBPS PO exams can go through couple of important tips and tricks and help themselves by awarding good scores.

    IBPS PO Exam preparation tips 

    IBPS PO exam has two papers - Preliminery and Mains

    • Syllabus is almost the same in both the exams , Common papers will be Language, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. Therefore candidates are strongly adviised to prepare these three subjects thoroughly.
    • First is always the comprehensive knowledge of the subject and then afterwards Practice. Practice with mock tests and you can also join some crash courses if you have doubts in any particular subject. This will help to clear your doubts and not just to crack the exam but to crack it with good scores.
    • You can read daily current Affairs to keep your knowedledge upto date. Devoting 15 minutes daily on general knowedlge and current affairs will eventually help you only to score better. 
    • Same is the case with Computer . It is expected to have basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. You don't need to expert  but not the complete amateur at the same time. So give half and hour daily to know about the Computer World and you will be all ready by the exam date on this subject.

    Important tips and tricks for IBPS PO Exam

    #1 Proper Strategy -

    Strategy is must before starting the preparation of any examination in life. Proper planning always helps in covering the minute details even. Make a proper planning subject wise. Like if you think your Reasoning is somewhere below average or just average as compared to the knowedlge of other subjects. In such scenerio give more time to the Reasoning , so that you are on the same page on every subject. Do not forget to go ste by step.

    #2 Time Management -

    Management of time is equally important . Focus is a very important thing in life. Whenever you study or practice , just make sure not to lose your concentration. Manage time properly , then only you will be getting the desired results.

    #3 Practice and Practice -

    Once theory part is done, start revising your topics by doing test papers online and offline, whatever is easily accessible. Do mock test papers as many as possible. You can also refer to other online study material for the thorough preparation like video revision.

    #4 Revision -  

    Revise all of the subjects before a week atleast prior to the exam. This will help you to remember anything incase missed out during preparation.

    #5 Keep yourself updated -

    Keep yourself updated with current affairs ( online or offline), megazines, watching news and news channel. These all will help you to be updated with all the necessary you may need in the examination. 

    #6 Confident and Stress free life style -

    Just be confident about yourself and your practice. Stree and tensions will only ruin your health. So stay positive , healthy and prepare hard and have simple and balanced diet with lots of drinking water. 

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