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  • Tips to Prepare for SBI PO

    Updated : 24-Jun-2017
    Tips to Prepare for SBI PO

    SBI is one of the most prestigious financial institution of India.  Every year many candidates aspiring to work with SBI prepare for the competitive exam.  It's rightly said, "It's not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters."

    Tips to Prepare for SBI PO Exam 

    It needs serious dedication on your part if you want to make sure you are well-equipped to
    prepare for SBI PO and clear it in the first shot. Following are the couple of tips and tricks that can help you to crack the exam.

    1)  Syllabus and Pattern of SBI PO exam and weight-age of each topic.

    Before you start the preparation of any of the competitive exam, this is the most crucial step.
    It gives the basic idea of the exam and help you to channelize your time and energy accordingly.

    2. Current preparation level

    After knowing your syllabus and pattern, you must check your level of preparation. Try to appear for one or more mock tests for the exam and see your level of comfort to crack the exam. This exercise will be helping you to assess -

    (a) The difference between your current preparation level and the level required to crack the exam.
    (b) Certain topics where you need to devote comparatively longer time or from scratch.
    (c) Average time you are taking to solve the problem.

    Prepare a list of topics in the following categories :

    (A) Topics that you are comfortable with and can be solved quickly, You can devote lesser time on these and don't need to work on these topics separately.

    (B) Topics that you are comfortable with but taking time comparatively longer time to solve. Such topics can be easily improved by practicing more.

    (C) Topics, you have solved earlier but forgot the shortcut method - You need to give good amount of time to these topics. Revise one topic and then give mock test of that topic only to see your improvement. Repeat this for rest of the topics.

    (D) Topics that you are very difficult to solve - Practice these topics at the end as these will take a lot of time. Make achievable plans with the proper management of time. As time management is crucial, if it is not managed properly , even the best laid plans will come to waste. Start with the common topics. Thereafter, move to topics which will going to give you optimum return in terms of the marks obtained. Don’t forget to reassess your strategy weekly. Use Current Affairs App, Testbook’s Practice App and Free Study Material and Tips for optimal learning.

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