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  • Current Affairs 11th July 2019

    Updated : 11-Jul-2019
    Current Affairs 11th July 2019

    Current Affairs 11th July 2019 - Important Points

    • Who launched in India as nation’s first fully electric SUV? - Hyundai Kona
    • No longer acceptable, Donald Trump slams India over tariffs on - 10th July 2019
    • 250 pre-fabricated houses to Myanmar’s Rakhine State handed over by - India
    • Who has appointed as DGCA Director General ? - Arun Kumar  
    • National Museum of Indian Cinema’s news bulletin launched  in - Mumbai
    • Utkarsh 2022,  finalized by  - Rerserve Bank of India board

    Current Affairs 11th July 2019 - Details

    Who launched in India as nation’s first fully electric SUV? - Hyundai Kona

    Hyundai Kona released in India as nation’s 1st fully electric Sport Utility Vehicle. The Hyundai, becomes 1st in India to launch a long-range Battery fitted Electric Vehicle in the Sport Utility Vehicle segment. According to the company’s entitlement, Hyundai’s Kona can cover 452 kilometres in single charge and is considered one of the best long-range e-Sport Utility Vehicles in the world. Hyundai will deliver 2 chargers including a portable and a AC Wall Box Charger to its clients along with the
    vehicle due to lack of charging infrastructure in India.
    Important Features of Kona Electric

    • A permanent-magnet synchronous system is loaded in electric motor of Hyundai Kona. It has a 39.2 kilo-Watthour lithium-ion polymer battery.
    • Another significant feature of Kona Electric is that it come with Smart-Sense technology. It will be a great advantage as collision assistance, Kona electric emergency braking and lane assistance.
    • This car will be loaded with 6 airbags, blind spot monitoring system, rear-view parking camera assistance.
    • The Kona will be sold by 14 dealers of Hyundai in 11 cities and the group is also cooperating with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd in 4 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru, to initiate changing stations with fast chargers in select fuel pump stations.
    • Regenerative Braking System is another major function of this electric vehicle. Whenever driver
      lift-off the throttle, the car will inevitably slow down and the motor will utilise the kinetic energy to
      charge the battery.
      Battery efficiency
    • Kona Electric comes with two battery options including one which is 39.2 kWh unit and another is 64 kWh unit. Hyundai launched 39.2 kWh battery pack in India.
    • This electric car can be fully charged in 7-8 hours and if client is using a fast-charger, it takes 57
      minutes to charge it up to 80 percent.
    • As per to Automotive Research Association of India, the 64 kWh battery pack covers 452
      kilometres on a single complete charging and is capable of achieving a top speed of 167 km/h.
    • The Indian model of Kona electric gets a 100 kW motor that delivers power to the front wheels and
      puts out 131 bhp and 395 Nm of top torque.

    No longer acceptable, Donald Trump slams India over tariffs on - 10th July 2019

    United States President Donald Trump informed on July 10th that “India has had a long field day putting Tariffs on American items. No longer acceptable!” It was a tweet done by Trump which is being taken as latest trade war between India and United States, both are major economies who are clashing over import tariffs on each others items.
    Important Highlights

    • The India Government on June 21st last year finalised to levy duties on Harley-Davidson in
      revenge to the United States decision of knowingly hiking customs duties on certain steel and
      aluminium items.
    • America, in March past year, imposed 25% tariff on steel and a 10% import duty on aluminium items.
    • India elevated high tariffs on 28 items just after that, items including in this list was almond, pulses and walnuts. These items are mainly exported from the United States. India has done this in term of
      revenge to America's withdrawal of preferential access for Indian items.
    • Then, United States President Donald Trump has finished India's designation as a beneficiary
      developing nation under the significant GSP trade program following determining that New Delhi
      has not guaranteed the United States that it will deliver "equitable and reasonable access& to its markets.
    • Donald Trump tweeted after few days when he met India's PM Narendra Modi at G20 Summit in
    • Top leaders of both nations talked on bilateral trade disputes and decided for a meeting of
      their commerce ministers to sort out the problems.

    250 pre-fabricated houses to Myanmar’s Rakhine State handed over by - India

    India handed over 250 prefabricated houses for usage of displaced Muslim minorities, who are presently residing in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. The houses given to Myanmar for evacuated Rohingya returnees in Rakhine State are under India’s ‘Rakhine State Development Program’ for $25 Million for a period of Five years.
    In December 2017 a MoU was inked between India and Myanmar on RSDP. $25 million Rakhine State Development Program intensive on providing a sustainable solution in violence-torn Rakhine state for socio-economic progress. It also intended towards contributing to socio-economic progress in northern Rakhine State.
    Important Highlights

    • Saurabh Kumar, Ambassador of India to Myanmar, handed over documents concerned to 250
      prefabricated houses for usage of evacuated returnees from Bangladesh to U Aung Kyaw Zan,
      Joint-chairman of Returnee Resettlement Work Committee and Minister for Electricity, Industry and Transportation of Rakhine State Government at a ceremony in Maung Daw, Rakhine State.
    • Out of 250 prefabricated houses put together by India in 3 villages in Northern Rakhine region,
      148 units are in Shwe Zar village, 60 in Kyein Chaung village and 42 units in Nan Thar Taung.
    • These houses besides being rust-free and water-proof are fabricated to survive earthquakes and
      cyclonic storms.
    • The project was commenced by Indian companies including M/s Hindustan Prefab Limited as
      Project Management Consultant and M/s Enertech Limited as contractor.
    • Building of 250 houses was 1st initiative under Rakhine State Development Program has been
      effectively completed. Now another 22 proposals which consist construction-related projects,
      capacity building projects, solar-power related projects and agriculture mechanisation projects are atpresent under consideration.

    Who has appointed as DGCA Director General ? - Arun Kumar 

    Appointments Committee of Cabinet led by PM Narendra Modi has sanctioned designation of Arun
    Kumar, Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor, to Union Ministry of Civil Aviation as the new
    Director General in Directorate General of Civil Aviation in rank and pay of Additional Secretary.
    More about Arun Kumar

    • Arun Kumar is 1989 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre who is presently working as additional
      secretary in Union Ministry of Civil Aviation and will now be holding full-time charge as Chief of
      aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
    • He was leading Directorate General of Civil Aviation as an additional charge between 31st May and 9th July 2019.
    • He will succeed B S Bhullar who was designated as full-time Directorate General of Civil Aviation chief in December 2016. He is an IAS officer of UP cadre.
    • In between June 2016 and December 2016, he was also leading Directorate General of Civil Aviation as additional charge. During his tenure, his main part was as additional secretary in Ministry of Civil Aviation.

    More about Directorate General of Civil Aviation

    • It is regulatory body in field of Civil Aviation primarily tackling with safety issues. It is HQ in New
      Delhi with regional offices in different parts of India.
    • It is an attached office of Union Ministry of Civil Aviation which is answerable for regulation of air
      transport services to/from/within India and for enforcement of civil air regulations, air safety and
      airworthiness regulations.
    • It is also answerable for directing all regulatory functions with International Civil Aviation

    National Museum of Indian Cinema’s news bulletin launched  in - Mumbai

    A periodical bulletin of the National Museum of Indian Cinema as ‘NMIC Bulletin ‘, released by the Films Division was launched in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    More about NMIC Bulletin

    • National Museum of Indian Cinema are not just about articles kept in them but are also about observing journey that made cinema possible and about describing untold stories behind those cinemas.
    • This bulletin will give numerous educational institutions and students of media studies, who visit
      Museum repeatedly, a physical article to cherish and to get appropriate information.
    • India is a nation of great storytellers and made largest number of films in world. Also, the diversity in Indian cinema can be seen nowhere else.
    • Thus, necessity is to market Indian cinema better which this News Bulletin will assist in future.
      More about National Museum of Indian Cinema
    • NMIC was initiated by PM Narendra Modi on 19th January 2019. Its portions occupy 19th century
      heritage bungalow and a contemporary building in south Mumbai.
    • It goals to conserve film heritage of India with an indication of evolution of Indian cinema over the
      years in a storytelling way with assistance of graphics, visuals, artefacts, multimedia expositions and
      interactive exhibits.

    Utkarsh 2022,  finalized by  - Rerserve Bank of India board

    The RBI board has finalised 3 Year Roadmap to advance supervision and directive, among other
    functions of central bank. This medium-term strategy is termed as ‘Utkarsh 2022.’

    Internationally, all central banks fortify regulatory and supervisory process and everybody is framing a
    medium-term plan as well as a long-term plan. Therefore, Reserve Bank of India also finalised to
    frame a programme to outline what is to be attained in the forthcoming 3 years.
    More about Utkarsh 2022

    • It is a 3 years road map for medium-term aim to be accomplished for enlightening regulation,
      supervision of Reserve Bank of India.
    • This medium-term strategy is in-line with Worldwide central banks’ plan to fortify regulatory and
      supervisory process.
    • An internal committee to recognize issues that desirable to be addressed over next three years
      was set-up, which was anchored by Viral Acharya outgoing Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of
    • Idea behind Utkarsh 2022 is that central bank executes a practical role and takes pre-emptive action to evade any emergency and can avoid situations including ILandFS debt default matter and emergency of confidence non-banking financial sector faced in repercussion.

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