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  • Current Affairs 11th June 2018

    Updated : 11-Jun-2018
    Current Affairs 11th June 2018

    Current Affairs 11th June 2018 - Important Points

    • Rural sanitation coverage crosses 85 percent mark under -  Swachh Bharat Mission
    • Union Government to constitute two border battalions proclaimed by - Union Home Minister 
    • Who has been appointed as Chairman of CBIC by  Committee of Cabinet? -  S Ramesh
    • China awards its first highest state honour to - Russian President Vladimir Putin
    • 5 countries elected as non-permanent members of - UNSC
    • CSIR lab to give technology for India’s first indigenous Lithium Ion Battery project on - 10th June 2018

    Current Affairs 11th June 2018 - Details

    Rural sanitation coverage crosses 85 percent mark under -  Swachh Bharat Mission

    The sanitation coverage in rural India has increased to 85% under Swachh Bharat Mission, which is the major cleanliness drive throughout the worldwide.
    A fresh survey conducted by an Independent Verification Agency across 90,000 families in more than 6000 villages noticed that the use of toilets in villages had increased to 93.4 perc cent. 2 independent studies directed in the past by the QCI-2017 and NSSO-2016 also verified the use of toilets in Indian villages to be approximately 91% and 95% respectively.
    Key Highlights

    • Through mobilisation of rural communities, about 7.4 crore toilets have been constructed across rural India, and as a result, more than 3.8 lakh villages and 391 districts have been acknowledged Open Defecation Free.
    • The progress is remarkable because under the Swachh Bharat Mission, sanitation attention raised to above double the coverage as compared to the time of the launch of the Mission.
    • The success has allegedly been attained due to the difference in approach to sanitation implemented by the Swachh Bharat Mission in evaluation to the earlier sanitation programmes in the nation.

    Union Government to constitute two border battalions proclaimed by - Union Home Minister 

    Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh proclaimed recently that 9 fresh battalions would be formed, among which 2 would be for the border areas.
    Rajnath Singh added that 2 new females battalions have also been permitted for the Jammu and Kashmir police, 1 for Kashmir Division and 1 for Jammu Division. The battalions will mainly deal incidents including stone pelting and other laws and orders in Kashmir. The initiative is supposed to deliver employment to approximately 2000 females from the state.
    The declaration was made by the Home Minister while talking at a press conference in Jammu on the 2nd day of his visit to the state of J&K. Reiterating the union government's promise to protect the interests of border people and Kashmir migrants in J&K, the Home Minister informed that centre is completely aware of the adversities
    faced by these people and has been taken a number of steps to address them.
    Initiatives taken by the government in the interest of border people:

    • The Home Ministry would be issuing the border youth with 60% reservation in the special 5 IRP battalions being formed.
    • The authority has also re-entered the scheme of providing five lakhs rupees, straight credited to the account of the next family person of the killed resident, for the people murdered during cross-border firing or ceasefire desecrations and all conditions connecting to fixed deposit have been detached.
    • Further, 14,460 bunkers with approved amount of Rupees 415 crores will be built in border areas, which consist of 13,029 separate and 1,431 community bunkers.
    • The Union Government is also anticipating the building of Seema-Bhawans for the security of border people.
    • 5 bulletproof ambulances will also be providing to border areas to transport the injured to hospital during cross-border firing.

    Who has been appointed as Chairman of CBIC by  Committee of Cabinet? -  S Ramesh

    The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has selected S Ramesh, member of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs as its succeeding Chairman. He will succeed current chairman Vanaja N. Sarna who retires in June 2018.
    Central Board of Excise and Customs

    • Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs is the nodal national agency accountable for administering Customs, GST, Central Excise, Service Tax and Narcotics in India.
    • It is part of the Department of Revenue under Union Ministry of Finance HQ in New Delhi.
    • It is one of the eldest government departments of India which was recognized in 1855 by the then British Governor General of India, to manage customs laws in India and collection of import duties and land income.
    • It was retitled to current name from CBEC in March 2017.
    • Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs pacts with tasks of policy formulation regarding levy and collection of customs and central excise duties &service tax, smuggling inhibition and administration of matters linking to customs, central excise, service tax & narcotics.
    • It is organizational authority for its secondary establishments, consisting CESTC, Custom Houses and Central Revenues Control Laboratory.

    China awards its first highest state honour to - Russian President Vladimir Putin

    China bestowed its 1st highest state honour Friendship Medal to President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The prize was personally conferred to Vladimir Putin by Chinese President Xi Jinping in majestic ceremony organised at Great Hall of the People in capital city of Beijing.
    Key Points

    • This was 1st time China has bestowed medal since it was recognized in 2015. Friendship Medal is deliberated by China only on foreigner who has made outstanding contributions in promoting exchange and collaboration between China and world, and in maintaining World Peacefulness.
    • Russian President Vladimir Putin was bestowed this prize during his formal state visit to China, which will consist joining 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit at Qingdao.
    • China and Russia had been collaborating since late 1990s as they answered to quite same pressures from West.
    • For China, Russia always had been its greatest friend and for Russia, China is strategic partner. In
      December 2017, United States branded both nations strategic opponents that challenge United States interests and values.
    • China is presently locked in continuing trade dispute with the United States, which has also forced tough approvals on Russia. Both China and Russia have nil choice but to raise collaboration so they can mutually deal with United States.
    • The prize to Russia’s most powerful leader Vladimir Putin is considered as clear sign that both nations were rising closer amid cumulative pressure from United States.
    • It is also replication of the special relationship that has occurred for few decades.

    5 countries elected as non-permanent members of - UNSC

    United Nations General Assembly designated South Africa, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Germany and Belgium as non-permanent associates of United Nations Security Council. They will have 2 years term starting from January 1st , 2019.
    These 5 non-permanent associates were designated as per to the following pattern
    2 seats for Group of African states and Group of Asia-Pacific states,
    1 for the Group of Latin American and Caribbean states
    2 seats for Western European and other states.
    More about UN Security Council

    • United Nations Security Council is utmost powerful and one of the six major organs UNs.
    • Under United Nations Charter it has key responsibility for the preservation of international peace and security.
    • It has fifteen associates, including 5 permanent members with the veto power including China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States.
    • Ten non-permanent associates are nominated for 2 years terms each. Its authorities include establishment of peacekeeping activities, International sanctions establishment, and permission of military action through United Nations Security Council resolutions.
    • It is only United Nation body with power to release binding resolutions to member states.
      Functions of UNSC
    • United Nations Security Council is accountable for defining existence of threat against peace and to answer to act of aggression.
    • It is also accountable for finding peacekeeping means to resolve conflict among states. In few cases, it resorts to approvals or even permit usage of force to maintain/restore international peace and security. It also commends to United Nations General Assembly selection of United Nations Secretary General and admission of fresh associates to the United Nations.

    CSIR lab to give technology for India’s first indigenous Lithium Ion Battery project on - 10th June 2018

    Central Electro Chemical Research Institute, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu under CSIR and RAASI Solar Power Pvt Ltdhas inked an Agreement on June 10th , 2018, for transfer of technology for India’s1st Lithium Ion Battery project inBengaluru. The objective is to decrease down the cost of cell production less thanRupees 15,00 per kilowatt and to replace Lead-Acid Battery.
    Key Points

    • A developed in India technology of Lithium-ion cells has been constructed byCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research-CECRIled by Dr. Gopu Kumar in collaboration withCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research- Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute KolkataandIndian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.
    • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research- CECRI has formed a demonstration provisionin Chennai to produce prototype Lithium ion cells. It has also held global IPRs.
    • Indian producers source Lithium Ion Battery fromChina, Japan and South Korea among few other nations. India is one of the biggest importers and in 2017, it imported approximately$150 millionworth Lithium Ion batteries.
    • It will give marvellous boost to 2 flagship programmes of PM Narendra Modi including growing the share ofClean Energy in the energy basket by producing175 GW by2022, of which100 GW will be Solar andNational Electric Mobility Mission, to shift entirely to electric vehiclesby 2030.
    • To manufacture Lithium Ion battery for solar rooftops with life time of 25 years to make it cheap enough to drive the Photo Voltaic segment.

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