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  • Current Affairs 12th February 2019

    Updated : 12-Feb-2019
    Current Affairs 12th February 2019

    Current Affairs 12th February 2019 - Important Points

    • India effectively tests Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet Propelled Missile at - DRDL
    • Asiatic Lion Conservation Project declard by - Centre and Gujarat Government
    • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated PETROTECH-2019 on - 11th February 2019
    • Hindi as 3rd official court language added in  - Abu Dhabi

    Current Affairs 12th February 2019 - Details

    India effectively tests Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet Propelled Missile at -DRDL

    India has effectively undertaken the demonstration of the local Indian developed propulsion technology. The effective demonstration of Indian technology is a step forward in the expansion of long ranged Air-to-Air missiles.
    A Long Journey
    India had boarded on the journey to Indian develop the Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet technology in 2013 with approximated funding of about Rupees 500 crore to advance the technology & demonstrate it in Five years. The Defence Research Development Laboratory- DRDL, at Hyderabad was the principal agency for the combined mission project. The 1st test of this indigenous technology was completed in May 2018. The recent test was a 2nd trail which established a series of technologies consisting the ground booster, separation of the ground booster & nozzle-less booster.
    During the trail, the missile was directed to high altitude to pretend aircraft release conditions & afterward the nozzle-less. All the mission parameters were effectively met.
    Solid Fuel
    The Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet pushed missile utilises the air-breathing ramjet propulsion skill, which
    benefits propel the missile at high supersonic speeds for engaging targets at long ranges.

    Asiatic Lion Conservation Project declard by - Centre and Gujarat Government

    The Asiatic Lion Conservation Project was declared by the Centre & the Gujarat government at a cost of Rupees 97.85 crore.
    Asiatic Lion Conservation Project
    Asiatic Lion Conservation Project would utilise contemporary information & communication technology for preservation & protection efforts of the Great Gir Region, using GPS-based animal & vehicle tracking, Automatic Sensor Grid with movement sensors, Night Vision competence with real time monitoring & report generation.
    The project will also have a devoted veterinary institute, ‘lion ambulances’, & back-up stocks of vaccines that may be needed.
    The government of Gujarat has foreseen a “Greater Gir” that comprises, other than the present Gir National Park, sanctuaries in Girnar, Pania & Mitiyala. The conservation project also comprises ‘habitat enhancement’ measures, making extra sources of water availability, creating a wildlife crime cell, & a task force for the Greater Gir region.
    Conservation of Asiatic Lion
    In 2013 Supreme Court had well-ordered translocation of few lions from Gujarat to MP within 6 months & the Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary in MP was recognized to be the most suitable for reinstating the species. But no step forward was done for this.
    The translocation was prearranged as part of long-term survival plan so that the purposes of the conservation would be best attended if they could be present outside Gujarat, too, so that they are safeguarded against calamities including forest fire, diseases, or other natural calamities.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated PETROTECH-2019 on - 11th February 2019

    PM Narendra Modi on February 11th, 2019 initiated the 13th International Oil & Gas Conference - PETROTECH-2019 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, UP. The PM also addressed the opening session of the programme.
    During welcome speech, Union Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan informed that, India is the 3rd largest consumer of crude oil & petroleum items & the government has taken various measures to provide energy for all.
    PETROTECH – 2019: Key Highlights

    • The 3-day mega programme, which will be organised from February 10th-12th, 2019, is considered to be India’s flagship hydrocarbon conference. 
    • It will display the recent market & investor-friendly expansions in India’s oil & gas sector. 
      It is believed to see participation from more than 95 Energy Ministers from partner nations & 7000 delegates from about 70 nations.
    • The 13th International Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition ‘PETROTECH’ is being organised under the guidance of the Union Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.
    • Along with the Conference, the programme will have a simultaneous exhibition spread over 20000 sq.m at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. 
    • The exhibition will have more than 13 nation pavilions & about 750 exhibitors from more than 40 nations, with exclusive areas on the Make in India & Renewable Energy theme.

    Hindi as 3rd official court language added in  - Abu Dhabi

    The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has added Hindi as the 3rd formal language to be utilised in the city's courts, alongside Arabic & English.
    The initiative is intended at helping immigrants to learn about litigation events, their rights & duties without any language barrier, in accumulation to facilitating registration process through unified forms available via the judicial department’s website.
    Important Highlights

    • The AD Judicial Department has stretched the implementation of communicating forms of statement of claims presented before courts by including the Hindi language together with Arabic & English in labour cases.
    • The acceptance of multilingual interactive forms for claim sheets, grievances & requests, purposes to encourage judicial services & upsurge the transparency of litigation processes. The initiative is designed to advance access to justice.
    • It is in accumulation to facilitating registration processes to the public via simplified & easy forms & floating complainants& legal awareness via communicating types of the statements of claims, to make sure access to the legal materials linked to the subject of the dispute.
    • The acceptance of new languages comes as part of the bilingual litigation system, the 1st phase of which was released in November 2018, via the acceptance of processes needful the plaintiffs to translate case documents in civil &  commercial proceedings into English, if the defendant is an immigrant.
    • The overseas stockholder accepts the case files translated, thus contributing to the establishment of a international judicial service that sees the necessities of residents in the Abu Dhabi.

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