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  • Current Affairs 12th November 2018

    Updated : 12-Nov-2018
    Current Affairs 12th November 2018

    Current Affairs 12th November 2018 - Important Points

    • PK Dash, Akhilesh Ranjan and Neena Kumar inducted as members of  - CBDT
    • Agreement with US-based RIFM for improving the quality of fragrant oils signed by - CIMAP
    • India, Singapore bilateral naval exercise SIMBEX 2018 began on - 10th November 2018
    • Ladakh restoration project wins 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific award for - Cultural Heritage conservation
    • UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for - Cultural Heritage Conservation
    •  Long cohabitation is presumed marriage by - Supreme Court Directed
    • Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities held in - New Delhi
    • Sri Lankan PM leaves Presidents Party to join -  Sri Lanka People’s Party
    • 33rd ASEAN Summit begins in Singapore  on - 11th November 2018
    • Public Service Broadcasting Day observed across India on - 12th November 2018

    Current Affairs 12th November 2018 - Details

    PK Dash, Akhilesh Ranjan and Neena Kumar inducted as members of  - CBDT

    Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has selected 3 senior Indian Revenue Service officers K Dash, Akhilesh Ranjan and Neena Kumar as fresh members of Central Board of Direct Taxes. All 3 members belong to 1982 batch of the Indian Revenue Service. Earlier to this selection, Dash was working as Principal Chief commissioner of I-T in Bhopal, Ranjan and Kumar were serving as PCCsIT in Delhi. With these 3-fresh joining, Central Board of Direct Taxes now has full house working strength of 5 members and chairman. The 2 other members of Central Board of Direct Taxes are Indian Revenue Service officers Aditya Vikram and P C Mody while the board’s Chairman is Sushil Chandra.
    More about Central Board of Direct Taxes

    • Central Board of Direct Taxes is nodal policy forming body of Income Tax department under Finance
      Ministry. It is a statutory authority recognized under The Central Board of Revenue Act, 1963.
    • It is superlative body in India for bordering policies linked to direct taxes and is also tasked to enforce direct tax laws in the nation.
    • The configuration of Central Board of Direct Taxes includes Chairman and 6 members.

    Agreement with US-based RIFM for improving the quality of fragrant oils signed by - CIMAP

    Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants- CIMAP has inked Memorandum of Understanding with United States grounded Research Institute for Fragrant Materials- RIFM for enlightening the quality of fragrant oils. It was inked at conclusion of 2 days annual conference of International Fragrance Association, Paris. Team of Research Institute for Fragrant Materials had visited the Lucknow HQ of Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants earlier in 2018 to upsurge the acceptability and mandate of Indian fragrances on a global level. The debates during the visit resulted in inking of the Memorandum of Understanding.

    • It will go long way in normalizing fragrant material fashioned in India and bring it to an International level.
    • It will assist boosting fragrance quality in India as Research Institute for Fragrant Materials internationally homogenizes the quality of fragrant materials. It will stretch impetus to aroma mission of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research which goals at improving production of fragrant materials.
      Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
    • CIMAP is a frontier plant research laboratory of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research.
    • It was originally recognized as Central Indian Medicinal Plants Organisation in 1959. It is HQ in Lucknow, UP.
    • It has 4 research centres located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pantnagar and Purara near Bageshwar,
    • It is involved in the field of science and business of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.
    • It directs multi-disciplinary high-quality research in biological and chemical sciences and encompassing technologies and services to farmers and businesspersons of Medicinal and aromatic plants.

    India, Singapore bilateral naval exercise SIMBEX 2018 began on - 10th November 2018

    India and Singapore will organise 25 joint naval exercise- SIMBEX, abbreviation for Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise from November 10th-21st in India off Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.SIMBEX 2018 will highlight silver jubilee of exercise and will be largest edition since 1994 in terms of scale and complexity.
    More about SIMBEX 2018

    • It will saw diverse range of exercises at sea including live weapon drills consisting multiple missile firings, heavy weight torpedo and medium-range gun and anti-submarine rocket firings; advanced anti-submarine warfare exercises and anti-air warfare; unmanned aerial vehicle operations and cross deck helicopter flying among others.
    • The original 1st harbour phase of the exercise will be organised at Port Blair tracked by Sea Phase in
    • 2nd harbour phase will be organised at Visakhapatnam. Final sea phase will be organised in
      Bay of Bengal. The number of missiles and torpedo firings in this exercise will be major ever undertaken by Indian Navy with any foreign Navy till date.
    • Indian Navy for this exercise will be deploying Ranvir class destroyer INS Ranvijay, 2 Project 17 multirole stealth frigates INS Satpura and INS Sahyadri, Project 28 ASW corvette INS Kadmatt, Project 25A missile corvettes, INS Kirch and INS Sukanya, Fleet Support Ship, INS Shakti, Sindhughosh Class submarine, INS Sindhukirti, P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol and Dornier 228 Maritime Patrol aircraft from INAS 311, Mk 132 Hawk AJTs from INAS 551 and integral helicopters such as the UH3H, Seaking 42 B, Seaking 42C and Chetak utility helicopters.
    • Singapore Navy will be deploying represented by 2 Formidable Class stealth frigates RSS Formidable and RSS Steadfast, 2 Missile Corvettes, RSS Vigour and RSS Valiant, 1 Littoral Mission Vessel RSS Unity, Archer class Submarine, RSS Swordsman, ‘Swift Rescue’ Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle, Fokker F50 maritime reconnaissance aircraft, embarked S70B helicopters and Scan Eagle unmanned aerial systems.

    Ladakh restoration project wins 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific award for - Cultural Heritage conservation

    The restoration of an aristocratic house project from partial ruin state in Ladakh undertaken by LAMO Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation, Centre has secured 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific award for Cultural Heritage conservation in Award of Distinction category. Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation is public charitable trust recognized to articulate an alternative vision for the arts and media in Ladakh region.
    Important Points

    • The re-established structure is strategically situated at the foot of Leh palace, contributing to continuity of historic townscape of 17th century. 
    • Its recovery creates precedent for preserving non-monumental urban fabric of Leh Old Town.
    • Under restoration project, Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation had utilised rescued and local building materials and Indian construction techniques and skilfully presented modern facilities to guarantee its ongoing usage.
      Other Category awardees
    • Award of Excellence was awarded to restoration project of early 20 th century Shijo-cho Ofune-hoko Float Machiya in Japan.
    • It rejoices Kyoto culture by protecting city’s threatened wooden townhouse typology and iconic annual Gion Festival.
    • Award of Distinction was awarded to Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation Center, Ladakh, India
      Award of Merit was presented to 5 Martin Place, Sydney- Australia; Aijing Zhuang, Fujian China; Commercial Bank of Honjo Warehouse, Saitama- Japan.
    • Honourable Mention awarded to Hengdaohezi Town, Heilongjiang- China, Rajabai Clock Tower 
      University of Mumbai Library Building, Mumbai- India, Ruttonsee Muljee Jetha Fountain, Mumbai- India.
    • New Design in Heritage Contexts was awarded to Kaomai Estate 1955, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Harts Mill, Port Adelaide, Australia.

    UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for - Cultural Heritage Conservation

    It was recognized in 2000 and it establishes efforts of private entities and establishments that have effectively preserved structures and buildings of heritage value in the region. It intends to inspire other property owners to undertake preservation projects within their communities, either independently or by looking for Public-Private Partnerships.
    Indian Army inducts 3 artillery gun system

    • Indian Army inducted 3 major Globally Combat proven artillery gun systems including M777 A2 ultra-light howitzers, K-9 Vajra tracked self-propelled guns and ‘Composite Gun Towing Vehicle’ at Deolali Field Firing Range, Maharashtra.
    • These are 1st artillery gun systems to be received by Indian Army in 3 decades. Last received was Bofors artillery gun system acquired from Sweden in early 1980s.
      Important Points
    • M777 A2 Ultra-Light Howitzers is 155mm, 39 Calibre Ultra-Light Howitzers towed artillery gun, with extreme range of 24-30 kilometres obtained from United States.
    • It being versatile and light-weighted can be heli-lifted, thus providing employment flexibility in different terrains.
    • Under it, 25 guns will be imported and remaining will be accumulated in India by BAE Systems in
      partnership with Mahindra Défense.
    • Deliveries will be accomplished by mid-2021.
    • The gun systems introduction delivers a major motivation to Make in India initiative.
    • K9 Vajra guns is a 155mm, 52 calibre self-propelled gun with extreme range of 40-kms.
    • It will be imported from South Korea. It is modified version of original K9 Thunder artillery gun for desert conditions.  
    • Overall 100 units will be procured by Army, and 1st 10 will be imported in semi knocked down form from South Korea and assembled by L&T in India and remaining 90 will be factory-made in India.
    • The 1st regiment of K9 will be fitted by July 2019 and all 100 guns will be delivered by November 2020.
    • Common Gun Tower is a 6×6 field artillery tractor which is industrialized in India by Ashok Leyland. It has cross nation capability and will replace ageing fleet of artillery gun towing vehicles.

     Long cohabitation is presumed marriage by - Supreme Court Directed

    Supreme Court has sustained presumption that couple who live together as husband and wife are legally married and woman can entitle maintenance under Section 125 of Code of Criminal Procedure. The top court detained that law presumes in favour of marriage and against concubinage when man and woman have live-together uninterruptedly for a number of years.
    Court Ruling

    • A male who lived with female for long time and even though they may not have undergone legal
      provisions of valid marriage is accountable to pay the female maintenance if he deserts her.
    • In this case, male should not be permitted to advantage from legal loopholes by enjoying benefits of de facto marriage without undertaking duties and responsibilities.
    • Any other interpretation in this case will lead female to homelessness and destitution, which provision of maintenance in Section 125 of CrPC is meant to avert.
      Did you know?

    This judgment of Supreme Court was grounded on appeal filed by female against Karnataka High Court
    decision of June 2009. The High Court had set aside family court order, guiding man she lived with since
    1998 and had 2 children by to pay maintenance. Their relationship in this case was solemnised in a
    temple and husband of female had later uninhibited the family. The family court had directed him to pay
    maintenance to female and their children every month. This court had held the couple is accepted as
    husband and wife by society. The man had however had forwarded appeal in High Court, which marked
    that there was no proof that she was his legally-wedded wife.

    Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities held in - New Delhi

    The Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities- GITC 2018 organised in New Delhi from November 9th-11th, 2018. It was co-hosted by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Korea and its organising associates Rehabilitation International Korea and LG Group.
    Important Points

    • Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities is being organised every year in Asia-Pacific area and such programmes were organised in past in nations like South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam and many more.
    • The aim of Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities was to leverage IT skills among youngsters with disabilities and also to increase awareness about usage of Information and Computer Technology in improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities.
    • The programme witnessed contribution approximately 300 contestants including 120 Youth with disabilities from 24 Asia Pacific nations.

    Sri Lankan PM leaves Presidents Party to join -  Sri Lanka People’s Party

    Newly selected Sri Lankan PM Mahinda Rajapaksa finished his 5 decades long connotation with Sri Lanka Freedom Party and linked with newly-formed Sri Lanka People’s Party. Sri Lanka Freedom Party was initiated by his father Don Alwin Rajapaksa in 1951. Rajapaksa’s linking with Sri Lanka People’s Party points that he will contest snap polls, under his own party banner and not that of President Maithripala Sirisena’s SLF Party. Sri Lanka People’s Party was designed in 2017 by Rajapaksa’s supporters for his re-entry into politics. In February 2018 local council elections Sri Lanka People’s Party won 2/3 of total 340 seats.
    Sri Lankan Political and Constitutional Crisis

    • In January 2015 Presidential election, then President Mahinda Rajapaksa was surprisingly beaten by his then deputy Sirisena with backing from Ranil Wickremesinghe’s United National Party.
    •  But, power-sharing planning between President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe in later times became progressively uncertain on numerous policy matters, mainly on economy and security.
    • Further crack had established between them over policy towards China and India, with Wickremesinghe favouring Indian investment as counter to Chinese inroads in Sri Lankan infrastructure projects and Sirisena’s intention to challenge 2020 presidential election under Mr Wickremesinghe’s party.
    • In October 2018 Sirisena had rudely unconcerned Wickremesinghe and substituted with Rajapaksa, a pro-China strongman as new PM. This initiative had jumped Sri Lanka into political and legitimate crisis.

    33rd ASEAN Summit begins in Singapore  on - 11th November 2018

    The 33rd edition of the ASEAN Summit started on November 11th, 2018 at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre, Singapore. The opening ceremony of the summit will occur on November 13th, 2018. Lee Hsien Loong, PM of Singapore, is the Chairman of this year’s Summit. 
    The Summit will remain till November 15th, 2018 along with other associated summits including East Asia Summit, Regional Comprehensive Economic Summit and ASEAN plus summits. 
    The Summit will witness the presence of leaders of partner nations including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe. However, the United States President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will not be in attendance.

    The Vice President Mike Pence will signify the United States, while the Chinese side will be characterized by Premier Li Keqiang.
    Prospective events

    • More than 400 organisations from ore than 100 nations are participating as exhibitors in the summit. 
    • Apart from leaders of all Ten ASEAN nations, heads of Eight key partner countries of ASEAN will also be taking part.
    • The ASEAN leaders are anticipated to accept the ASEAN Smart Cities Framework and take stock of ASEAN’s accomplishments in 2018 in firming ASEAN’s resilience and innovation.
    • The ASEAN leaders, along with their complements from nations taking part in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, will deliberate the process of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiations at the second Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Summit.
    • The leaders will also interchange views on regional and international matters with their counterparts at the 21st ASEAN Plus Three Summit and 13th East Asia Summit. 
    • On the final day of Summit November 15th, Singapore Prime Minister Lee will hand over the ASEAN Chairmanship to Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-o-cha.

    Public Service Broadcasting Day observed across India on - 12th November 2018

    The Public Service Broadcasting Day was celebrated across India on November 12th, 2018. The day is celebrated every year to celebrate the 1st and last visit of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi to the studio of All India Radio, Delhi in 1947.
    Mahatma Gandhi had on November 12th, 1947 visited the studio of All India Radio to address the evacuated people from Pakistan who were provisionally settled in Kurukshetra, Haryana after the partition of the Indian subcontinent.
    More about the Day

    • On November 12th, 2018, 70 years ago Mahatma Gandhi stayed the All India Radio office for his 1st and last live broadcast. 
    • Gandhiji had finalised to carry his message through radio, as he couldn’t visit the refugees of Partition stationed at Kurukshetra in Haryana.
    • The words, which were spoken by Gandhiji on that day, became a treasure and an extract of the speech is played on November 12th every year.
    • Mahatma Gandhi was neither the PM nor the President, he didn’t grasp any position. Like a common inhabitant he spoke from the All India Radio studio. 
    • The day was acknowledged as the Jan Prasaran Diwas or Public Service Broadcasting Day in 2000, afterward it was conceptualised by Suhas Borker, Convenor, Jan Prasar.

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