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  • Current Affairs 19th January 2018

    Updated : 19-Jan-2018
    Current Affairs 19th January 2018

    Current Affairs 19th January 2018 - Important Points

    • Cyber Warrior Police Force is planned to set up  by - The Ministry of Home Affairs
    • Virat Kohli named ICC cricketer of the year on - 18th January 2018
    • World's largest air purifier manufactured by - China
    • Agni-5 ballistic missile successfully test-fired from - Abdul Kalam Wheeler Island, Odisha
    • Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu inaugurate iCreate on - 17th January 2018

    Current Affairs 19th January 2018 - Details

    Cyber Warrior Police Force is planned to set up  by - The Ministry of Home Affairs

    The Ministry of Home Affairs has finalised to structure Cyber Warrior Police Force and Indian Cyber
    Crime Coordination Centre to handle internet based crimes including child pornography, cyber threats
    and online stalking. These sections will be structured under MHA’s newly formed Cyber & Information Security Division.
    Key Highlights

    • The CWPF is expected to work under National Information Security Policy and Guidelines wing of MHA’s CIS division. It is expected to be formed on lines of Central Armed Police Force.
    • So far, there has been no resolution on the CWPF’s jurisdiction, where it will obtain its powers or staff from and whether it will be authorised to make arrests.
      Did you know?
    • CIS Division was formed in November 2017. It has 4 wings, namely Cyber Security, Security Clearance, Cyber Crime Prevention and Information Security Wings each led by Under Secretary level officials.
    • Its 2 divisions cybercrime and information security have already initiated operations. It is also suggested to appoint the Chief Information Security Officer and Deputy CISO.

    MHA has already released communique asking states and UTs to take into consideration of setting up
    state and district cyber-crime cooperative cells. The State Cybercrime Cooperative Cells be led by
    additional Airector General or inspector-level official, and district cyber-cells by a deputy superintendent of Police or additional superintendent of police-ranked official. The State cyber security cells will build foundation of centralised CWPF.

    Virat Kohli named ICC cricketer of the year on - 18th January 2018

    Indian skipper Virat Kohli was nominated the ICC Men’s Cricketer of the Year at the ICC yearly awards, which were declared in Dubai on 18th January 2018.

    Key Highlights

    • The award is courtesy to the 29-year- old’s magnificent form during the qualification time period, from September 2016 till the December 2017, when he banged up a sum total of 2203 runs including eight centuries in tests, 1818 runs with seven centuries in ODIs and 299 runs in T20 International matches.
    • This is the 2nd time that Kohli has won this award, his 1st being in 2012. It is also the 2nd time in succession that an Indian has won the all-inclusive cricketer of the year award. Spinner R Ashwin had claimed the award in 2016.
    • Kohli also headed India to the top position of the world’s test rankings during the time period and was the winner of the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy, which is accounted as cricket's ultimate individual award.
    • Apart from this, Kohli also won the ICC Men’s One-Day- International Cricketer of the Year honour.
    • This is the 1st instance since 2013 that the award has been grabbed by a non-South African. While Quinton de Kock got the award in 2016, AB de Villiers grabbed it in 2014 and 2015.
    • Kohli was also nominated the captain of the ICC Test and ODI teams of the year.
    • The ICC Test Cricketer of the Year award was given to Australian captain Steve Smith, who scored 1875 runs in 16 matches with an average of 78.12, with 8 hundred and 5 50s during the qualification time period.

    World's largest air purifier manufactured by - China

    China has manufactured an experimental air purifying tall building called the Xian smog tower, which is
    endorsed to be the world’s mega air purifier with a height of over 100 m, to fight against smog and air pollution. The building is under tests by scientists of the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of  Sciences.

    It is found to be have positive results on the air quality in the area. As per the research leader Cao Junji, the quality of air was noted to be better after examinations were made over a distance of 10 square kilometre in the last few months. He also informed that the tower has emerged in more than 10 million cubic m of clean air since the it’s initiated date.
    Important Highlights

    • The tower has controlled to bring down the pollution quantity in Xian from critical to moderate level.
    • The system operates through greenhouses layer about half the size of a soccer ground throughout the base of the tower building.
    • However, Cao informed that these outcomes are just preliminary and more comprehensive findings will be declared by the research group in March 2018.
    • Cao also informed that the tower building hardly needs any power input throughout daylight time.
      Did you know?
      The air quality in China is noted to be severely bad, which almost is equal to a person inhaling the smoke of 21 cigarettes. Therefore, the nation, has been fighting with extreme smog for past many years now.

    Agni-5 ballistic missile successfully test-fired from - Abdul Kalam Wheeler Island, Odisha

    Made in India long-range surface-to- surface Agni-5 ballistic missile was successfully tested from Abdul
    Kalam Wheeler Island, Odisha. 

    It was overall 5th developmental test trial of the long-range missile taken out by Strategic Forces Command of Indian Army to examine its operational readiness. The last test of missile was carried out in December 2016 from the similar test range.
    More about Agni-5 ballistic missile

    • The Agni-5 is 3-stage solid propellant nuclear capable inter-continental ballistic missile, developed in India by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.
    • It is approximately 17 metres long, 2 metres in width and has a launch mass of around 50 tonnes. It
      has strike range of more than 5,000 km and can take nuclear weapon of more than 1 tonne.
    • Thus, it can hit most northern parts of China and other parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. It has not yet introduced into the Services.
    • Agni-5 is most advanced missile having new technologies included with it, Unlike other missiles of Agni sequence, in terms of navigation and guidance, engine and warhead. It is also a fire and forget missile, which once launched cannot be terminated, except by interceptor missile which only US, Israel and Russia have.
    • It takes Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicles payloads. A single MIRV loaded missile can  transport numerous explosives at various targets. It is also incorporating advanced technologies including ring laser gyroscope and accelerometer for navigation and guidance.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu inaugurate iCreate on - 17th January 2018

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 17th January 2018 initiated the iCREATE facility at Deo Dholera Village in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that innovation has an important role to play in leading the people of India and Israel closer and coordination between the two countries for innovation in areas such as water, health, food and energy would aid write a fresh chapter in the history of mankind in the twenty- first century.
    The Prime Minister also congratulated the energetic youth who are engaged in innovative activities at iCreate. Further, he informed that the government is making efforts to make the whole system innovation-friendly to enable generation of ideas, which will, in turn, guide to innovation and finally help creating a New India.
    More about iCreate

    iCreate is a self-governing Centre formed with the objective of facilitating entrepreneurship with a jumble of creativity, engineering, product design, innovation and leveraging emerging technologies to take care with major issues such as water, food security, connectivity, IT, cyber security and electronics, bio-medical equipment, energy and devices.
    Key Objectives

    • The key objective of the Centre is to form a large number of quality entrepreneurs.
    • To achieve the aim, the centre focuses to form a new tradition where people will understand and encourage entrepreneurship as a preferred job option.
    • Apart from this, it will also occupy with the government to aid evolve enabling policies.

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