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  • Current Affairs 1st December 2018

    Updated : 01-Dec-2018
    Current Affairs 1st December 2018

    Current Affairs 1st December 2018 - Important Points

    • South Asia Youth Peace Conference organised in - New Delhi
    • Salom Zurichishvili elected as first female President of  - Georgia
    • India, US air exercise Cope India 2019 to be organised in - West Bengal 
    • India, UK naval exercise Konkan 18 organised in - Goa
    • UNESCO adds Jamaican reggae, Georgian wrestling and Japanese rituals in - Coveted list of intangible heritage
    • Jharkhand to provide free mobile phones to 28 lakh farmers, says CM on - 28th November 2018
    • DAIC, JNU sign MoU to enhance research activities for sustainable development on - 30th November 2018
    • ISRO successfully launches earth observation satellite HysIS, 30 foreign satellites into  - Orbit
    • eDrishti software launched to help Railways Minister keep track of - Punctuality of trains

    Current Affairs 1st December 2018 - Details

    South Asia Youth Peace Conference organised in - New Delhi

    The 3-day South Asia Regional Youth Peace Conference was organised in New Delhi as part 150th birthday celebrations of father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. It was organised by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development and Standing Together to Enable Peace. It was initiated by great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Krishna G Kulkarni.
    South Asia Regional Youth Peace Conference

    • Its aim was to eliminate stereotypes, prejudices across all borders to understand micro-macro aspect of issues, identify mutual challenges and develop plan of action and to develop network of youth leaders.
    • It was also focused to equip young leaders with skills and knowledge based on peace education, critical enquiry and socio-emotional learning as equipment to engage with their peers.
    • It also intended to develop a network of youth leaders and change-makers across South Asia who will join hands to address common challenging matters together.
    • It delivered platform for young people of South Asia to further peace agenda in the region.
    • Approximately 100 youth leaders from South Asian nations and different parts of India took part to
      discuss different dimensions of ‘peace’.
    • The nations represented consist Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The conference had discussions on Gender, Food Security,
    • Interfaith Harmony, Digital media, Art Democracy and other Dialogues.

    Salom Zurichishvili elected as first female President of  - Georgia

    Salom Zurichishvili was nominated as the 1st female President of Georgia. She will take charge on December 16th, 2018. In freshly concluded presidential election, Salom Jurabishvili defeated her opposing candidate Grigol Washadze. She got 59.5 per cent of the votes, while Grigol Washadze received 40.5 percent of the votes.
     More about Salom Jurabishvili

    • Salom Jurabishvili was born on March 18th, 1952. Earlier she had worked as Minister of Georgia from March 20th, 2004 to October 19th, 2005.
    • She was members of Iran’s Prohibition Committee of United Nations Security Council between November 11th, 2010 and October 10th, 2013.


    •  It is a nation located in Eurasia, its area is 69,700
    • Its capital is situated in Tbilissi. It had declared its independence from Soviet Union on April 9th, 1991.
    • On its western boundary is Black Sea. To its North lies Russia and Turkey and Armenia in the south.

    India, US air exercise Cope India 2019 to be organised in - West Bengal 

    Indian Air Force and United States Air Force will take part in bilateral exercise termed “COPE INDIA 2019” planned to be organised between December 3rd and 14th, 2019 in West Bengal. The bilateral flying training program will be organised at 2 important airbases in West Bengal including Air Force Station Kalaikunda and Air Force Station Arjan Singh at Panagarh.
    More about COPE INDIA 2019

    • It will be long-standing bilateral United States Pacific Air Forces sponsored Field Training Exercise,
      directed with Indian Air Force.
    • It will be aimed on enhancing United States-Indian mutual co-operation and building on current capabilities, aircrew tactics and force employment.
    • It will showcase United States and India’s efforts and assurance to free and open Indo-Pacific region.
    • Approximately 200 United States airmen with 15 aircraft from 18th Wing at Kadena Air Base in Japan and 182 Airlift Wing of the Illinois Air National Guard will take part in it alongside their Indian Air Force counterparts.
      Did you know?
      Cope India is series of International Air Force exercises among Indian Air Force and US Air Force
      conducted on and over Indian land. The 1st such exercise was directed at Indian air force station in
      Gwalior from February 2004. The exercise consisted flight tests, practice and demonstrations and
      lectures on topics related to aviation. The exercise was repeated in 2005, 2006, 2009 and was last
      organised in 2010.

    India, UK naval exercise Konkan 18 organised in - Goa

    The naval exercise Konkan-18 among India and UK will be organised from November 28th-December 6th, 2018 off Goa with units taking part from both navies. The harbour phase is planned from November 28th-November 30th, 2018 trailed by the sea phase from 2nd-6th December, 2018.
    Important Points

    • For this edition of exercise, Royal Navy will be signified by HMS Dragon, a Type-45 Class Destroyer
      fortified with integral Wildcat helicopter.
    • Indian Navy will be signified by INS Kolkata, the 1st ship of latest Kolkata class destroyers, fitted with integral Seeking and submarine and maritime patrol aircraft Dornier.
    • The drive of exercise present year is on Anti-Air warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, Visit Board Search and Seizure and seamanship evolutions.
    • Above and beyond exercises at sea, it will also encompass professional interactions and sports fixtures.
      Did you know?
      Naval co-operation among India and UK is based on long term strategic tie among both nations. Both Navies have, more than years have undertaken bilateral activities including training exchanges and technical co-operation. Bilateral KONKAN exercise was initiated in 2004 and since then has full-grown in scale. It provides platform to intermittently exercise at sea and in harbour so as to develop interoperability and share best practices.

    Jharkhand to provide free mobile phones to 28 lakh farmers, says CM on - 28th November 2018

    Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das on November 29th, 2018 declared that the government will isse free mobile phones to 28 lakh farmers and a distinct electric feeder for them for agriculture resolutions by 2019/2021. The news was shared by the CM while talking at the introductory function of the 2-day Agriculture and Food Summit in Ranchi. The Chief Minister informed that a separate electric feeder would be formed by May 2019 for farmers for agriculture purpose, providing them 6 hours of uninterrupted electricity.
    Key Highlights

    • The mobile phones will be issued to the farmers to keep the traders away and also help farmers to have greater information about the market.
    • The initiative will assist the farmers know about the market rates and other data relating to agriculture.
    • Besides this, the state will make sure that power supply will reach every domiciliary by December 2018 and by May 2019 distinct feeders would be formed for agriculture, for households and industrial usage.
    • Further, 24x7 electricity supply will be made available in the rural areas of the state by August 2019.
    • Chief Minister Raghubar Das issued credit to the farmers for the state jumping to 14% agriculture growth from -4.5% registered 4 years ago.

    UNESCO adds Jamaican reggae, Georgian wrestling and Japanese rituals in - Coveted list of intangible heritage

    United Nations cultural agency has added 6 new elements including Jamaican reggae, Georgian wrestling and Japanese ritual into its coveted list of ‘Intangible Heritage’.  They were added at UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for the protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage meeting organised in Mauritius.
    Added Six new elements
    1. “Chidaoba” is Georgia’s traditional wrestling. It associates elements of wrestling, music, dance and
    special clothes. It is part of Georgian folk dance and its exercise encourages healthy lifestyle and
    plays a key role in intercultural dialogue.
    2. “Hurling” is field game from Ireland which features strongly in Irish mythology. It is played by 2
    teams using wooden “hurley” stick and small “sliotar” ball. It is meant to be intrinsic part of Irish
    culture and plays dominant role in promoting health and wellbeing, all-inclusiveness team spirit.
    3. “Reggae” is Jamaican music invented from marginalized groups, mainly in Western Kingston. It
    was initiated out as voice of marginalized. But now it is played by wide cross-section of society,
    consisting various genders, ethnic and religious groups.
    4. “Raiho-shin” are Japanese rituals utilised to reprimand laziness and teach children good
    behaviour. In it, local people dress-up in outlandish costumes and visit houses as part folk beliefs
    that deities visit communities and helper in new year/season.
    5. “As-Samer” consists mainly of dancing & singing and practiced across various areas of Jordan. It is performed on various events, most commonly during weddings. Its poetry forms are essential part
    of the tradition, expressing feelings of joy, peace, intimacy and empathy among those in
    6. “Spring festive rites of Kazakhstan’s horse breeders” marks finish of the old and starting of a new
    yearly horse-breeding cycle. It is rooted in old-style knowledge of nature and an age-old
    connection among man and horse.

    DAIC, JNU sign MoU to enhance research activities for sustainable development on - 30th November 2018

    Dr Ambedkar International Centre- DAIC and the Jawaharlal Nehru University- JNU on November 30th, 2018 inked a MoU to facilitate and enhance research actions and policy formulation intended at socio-economic transformation and sustainable development. 
    The Memorandum of Understanding was inked by Prof M Jagadesh Kumar, VC Jawaharlal Nehru University and Atul Dev Sarmah, Director, Dr Ambedkar International Centre.  Jawaharlal Nehru University is a world-renowned centre for teaching and research, with associations and Memorandum of Understandings with universities worldwide in research projects, conferences, and publications.
    Highlights of the MoU

    • The 2 organisations resolved to collaborate within the scope of their mandates and sphere of competences to work for these concerns. 
    • They recognised the advantages to be derived from increased association, cooperation and interaction for the further promotion and understanding of high performance in research training and organising numerous programs including conferences, seminars, symposia and lectures.
    • The Memorandum of Understanding goals to define the areas for fundamental, academic research in which both the organisations desire to work together in future for their mutual advantage to foster a collective framework between Dr Ambedkar International Centre and Jawaharlal Nehru University.
    • It will also support partnership among the researchers associated with both the organisations.

    ISRO successfully launches earth observation satellite HysIS, 30 foreign satellites into  - Orbit

    ISRO has successfully launched nation’s 1st advance earth observation satellite Hyper Spectral Imaging Satellite- HysIS along with 30 other satellites from 8 nations. These satellites were launched on board of Indian Space Research Organisation’s workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C43 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.
    More about mission

    • Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C43 was 45th flight of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle with joint payload of 641.5 kilograms.
    • It was “Core Alone” version of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle which means lightest version of the launch vehicle.
    • Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is 4-stage launch vehicle with alternating solid as well as liquid stages. HysIS weighing about 380kg was primary payload of this Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C43 mission.
    • The co-passengers of HysIS include One micro and 29 nano satellites from 8 different nations including one each from Australia, Canada, Columbia, Finland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain and 23 from United States.
    • All these satellites were commercially contracted for launch through Indian Space Research
      Organisation’s commercial branch Antrix Corporation Limited.
    • The satellites were ejected in 2 orbits by restarting rocket’s 4th-stage engine twice. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle 1st had released HysIS into orbit at 636kms 17 minutes post launch. Later engine of rocket’s 4th stages were re-started to place residual satellites into desired orbits.

    eDrishti software launched to help Railways Minister keep track of - Punctuality of trains

    Indian Railways released “eDrishti” software that will assist Union Railway Minister to keep track of punctuality of trains and merchandise and passenger earnings and additionally, from anywhere in the nation. The software has been produced by Centre for Railway Information System to assist Minister keeping track of all data related to Indian Railways, which is the world’s largest railways networks.

    eDrishti software

    • With the help of this software, Railway Minister can track any data with just a single click, whether from his office or while at work.
    • It will also facilitate Minister to know at any given point of time day’s merchandise and passenger earnings, merchandise loading and unloading, punctuality, progress of major projects, public grievances, movement of trains nationwide, details of railway stations and much more.
    • It also has been linked with base kitchens of Indian Rail Catering and Tourism Corp due to many
      complaints regarding the quality of food served on trains.
    • With live video facility, Minister will be able to monitor the process in IRCTC kitchens.
    • It will also deliver the live status of reserved as well as non-reserved passengers travelling besides providing the accurate location of trains at any point of time.

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