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  • Current Affairs 22nd May 2019

    Updated : 22-May-2019
    Current Affairs 22nd May 2019

    Current Affairs 22nd May 2019 - Important Points

    • Business between Huawei and Google - Suspended
    • Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu calls for protecting Ongole cattle breed at - Vijayawada
    • UGC directs Universities celebrate 21st May as - Anti-Terrorism Day
    • Indian Charity sets Guinness Records for holding Longest Iftar in - UAE
    • 8th Indo-Myanmar Coordinated Patrol-IMCOR Begins from - 20th May 2019
    • World Bee Day celebrated on - 20th May 2019
      Current Affairs 22nd May 2019 - Details

    Business between Huawei and Google - Suspended

    In a massive blow to Huawei, search engine giant Google has adjourned all business with Huawei that needs the transfer of hardware, software and technical services and negated its Android license.
    The statement from Google explained, that Google is complying with the order and reviewing the insinuations.
    For users of Google services, Google Play and the security fortifications from Google Play Protect will
    continue to work on current Huawei devices.
    The initiative comes following the United States Commerce Department added Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and 70 affiliates to its Entity List therefore, prohibiting the telecom massive from buying parts and  components from United States companies without the United States government approval. It comes amid the ongoing trade war between the United States and China.
    With the step, Google applications including Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and Google Play will
    stop to exist on the future Huawei phones.
    The step could influence the future of Android on smartphones made by the Chinese company and
    its sub-brand, Honor. It would also influence future updates to Huawei mobile phones.
    Huawei mainly relies on Android for the smartphones it trades outside China. Within China, the
    firm utilises a modified version of Android that doesn’t have Google applications pre-installed due
    to the search giant’s services are jammed there.
    However, in overseas market, Huawei’s smartphones operate Android complete with Google apps.

    Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu calls for protecting Ongole cattle breed at - Vijayawada

    Vice President, M.Venkaiah Naidu has urged for protecting Ongole cattle breed. Vice President published a compilation on Ongole breed of cattle at Vijayawada freshly. He also strained that cattle wealth is national wealth.
    Vice President M.Venkaiah Naidu lime-lighted that Brazil has introduced these cattle breeds and  formed hybrid Ongoles to earn enormous revenue via export. While in India these cattle are ignored.
    Perceiving that agriculture was facing various challenges, the Vice President forced the necessity
    for multi-pronged efforts from all shareholders to double-fold the income of farmers by making
    agriculture sustainable and lucrative. He admonished farmers to take-up backyard poultry and in-house
    dairy for fetching extra revenue.
    Ongole cattle

    • Ongole cattle is an indigenous cattle type that initiates from Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh. 
    • The cattle breed got its name from the place the breed originates from, Ongole.
    • The Ongole cattle, Bos Indicus, has a great mandate as it is said to have resistance to both foot and
      mouth disease and mad cow disease. 
    • The Ongole is one of the heaviest breeds that weighs about half a ton, and 1.7m in height and have a
      body length of 1.6m and girth measuring 2m.
    • These cattle are normally utilised in bull fights in Mexico and some parts of East Africa due to their
      strength and ferociousness. They also participate in traditional bull fights in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

    UGC directs Universities celebrate 21st May as - Anti-Terrorism Day

    The University Grants Commission has instructed universities and higher educational institutions in India to celebrate 21st May as Anti-Terrorism Day so as to dissuade youth away from terrorism.
    Key Highlights
    Every year 21st May is celebrated as Anti-Terrorism Day all over India. It pursues to spread awareness
    among people about dangers of violence and terrorism and its consequence on people, society and nation altogether.
    ‘21st May’ lime-lights the death anniversary of former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi who was murdered in
    1991 at an election rally near Chennai by a female suicide bomber from LTTE group. The year 2019 mark 28th death anniversary of Late PM Rajiv Gandhi.
    To discourage youth away from violence and terrorism, and viewing them how it is prejudicial to national interest. It also pursues to encourage harmony, peace and unity across the country.
    University Grants Commission also recommended varsities to undertake activities for the day which
    contains discussions, symposium, pledge taking ceremony and movies screening according to the sanctions of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

    Indian Charity sets Guinness Records for holding Longest Iftar in - UAE

    Pehal Charitable Trust Humanity, a charity operated by an Indian named Joginder Singh Salaria in the
    UAE, forms a new Guinness World Records for ‘Longest Line of Hunger Relief Package- Iftar’ in Abu
    Key Highlights

    • Indian emigrant Joginder Singh Salaria is the founder of Pehal Charitable Trust Humanity, which form the Guinness world record with Iftar distribution.
    • The Hunger Relief Package exertions were in extension to vegetarian iftar which is organised daily by Pehal Charitable Trust Humanity at properties of Salaria’s company Pehal International in Dubai
      Industrial Park, Abu Dhabi.
    • Pehal Charitable Trust Humanity’s record-breaking Iftar line confined 7 meal items distributed in a line without keeping any break which sustained for about 1 km in length.
    • The charity was organised for hunger relief efforts during the Muslim’s holy month of Ramzan.

    8th Indo-Myanmar Coordinated Patrol-IMCOR Begins from - 20th May 2019

    The 2019 Indo-Myanmar co-ordinated patrol- IMCOR is scheduled from 20th May to 28th May 2019. This is the 8th edition of coordinated patrol between India and Myanmar.
    Key Highlights

    The CORPAT initiative between the Indian and Myanmar Naval forces pursues to address issues of
    terrorism, human trafficking, thieving, illegal fishing, drug trafficking and other prohibited activities
    harmful to interest of both countries.
    The CORPAT series was 1st initiated in March 2013.
    IMCOR 2019
    The Indo-Myanmar coordinated patrol will be organised from 20th May-28th May 2019.
    For the ‘Inaugural Ceremony’ of 2019 edition, Myanmar Navy Ship specifically UMS King
    TabinShweHtee & UMS Inlay (OPV-54) arrived on 20th May 2019 in Port Blair at Andaman and Nicobar Command.
    It will be commenced by Myanmar ships viz. UMS Inlay and UMS King TabinShweHtee with Indian Naval
    Ship, INS Saryu.
    The patrolling effort by contestants will be amplified by Maritime Patrol Aircraft from both the naval
    During the sea phase of CORPAT, prior to ‘Closing Ceremony’ of CORPAT involved Myanmar Naval Ship, the deployed ships will also undertake joint drills and manoeuvres.

    World Bee Day celebrated on - 20th May 2019

    The World Bee Day is celebrated every year on May 20th. It symbols the birthday anniversary of
    beekeeping pioneer Anton Janša. The theme for World Bee Day 2019 was ‘Save the Bees’.
    To raise awareness about reputation of bees and pollinators, threats faced by them, their involvement to sustainable development and to recognize their role in ecosystem.
    About World Bee Day
    20th May was selected as World Bee Day by UNGA by consistently passing a resolution planned by
    Slovenia in December 2017. The resolution urged for adoption of specific conservation measures and lime-lighted significance of preservation of bees and their importance for humanity.
    The day 20 May coincides with birthday of Anton Janaa, an 18th century beekeeping pioneer. He
    established modern beekeeping techniques in his native nation Slovenia and admired bees for their ability
    to work so hard even while demanding so little attention.
    About 33 percent of world’s food production depends on bees thus they are vigorous for preservation of biodiversity, ecological balance in nature and obliging in decreasing pollution.
    Apart from contributing directly to worldwide food security, they are also significant to conserving
    biodiversity. They protect and even act as an indicator for emerging environmental hazards and signal health of local ecosystems, thus act as our associates against climate change.
    Bees and other pollinators are progressively under threat from human activities. Aggressive insects,
    pesticides, and monocropping practices may decrease available nutrients and poses greatest threats to bee colonies.


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