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  • Current Affairs 25th May 2018

    Updated : 25-May-2018
    Current Affairs 25th May 2018

    Current Affairs 25th May 2018 - Important Points

    • INSV Tarini team conferred Nari Shakti Puraskar 2017 on - 24th May 2018
    • Prakash Javadekar launched Samagra Shiksha scheme for school education on - 24th May 2018
    • India’s first National Sports University in Manipur by - Union Cabinet approves ordinance
    • Nepal becomes first country in south-east Asia to eliminate Trachoma by - WHO
    • Cabinet approves USOF scheme for Meghalaya under  - CTDP
    • Who has been appointed as Chairman of Press Council of India ? - Former SC judge CK Prasad

    Current Affairs 25th May 2018 - Details

    INSV Tarini team conferred Nari Shakti Puraskar 2017 on - 24th May 2018

    The Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi offered the respected Nari Shakti Puraskar-2017 to the INSV Tarini team members in New Delhi on May 24 th , 2018. The whole women team consisted of 6 members including Lt.Commander Vartika Joshi, Lt.Commander Pratibha Jamwal, Lt.Commander Swathi Patarpalli, Lt.Aishwarya Bodapatti, Lt.SH.Vijaya Devi and Lt.Payal Gupta. The Nari Shakti Puraskar was presented to the beneficiaries by President Ram Nath Kovind on March 8th , 2018, on the International Women’s Day. However, the award could not be given to the INSV Tarini team, because they were sailing at that time.
    More about INSV Voyage

    • The 6-member crew headed by Lt.Commander Vartika Joshi move around and handled the whole operation on their own.
    • It is the first ever go-around the sphere by a whole-women Indian team.
    • The voyage lasted for 254 days, which consisted of 199 days at ocean, covering a total of 21600 nautical miles of distance.
    • In total, the team made five port calls consisting Fremantle in Australia, Lyttelton in New Zealand, Port Stanley in Falkland Islands, Cape Town in South Africa and finally Mauritius before coming back to home base to Goa.
    • The ship faced rough seas, high storm situations and extremely cold temperatures, making the voyage an extremely challenging.
    • All the 6-members onboard had undergone proper training for a period of 3 years prior to undertaking the massive operation.
    • The exercise was conducted under Captain Dilip Donde, who was the 1st Indian to effectively carry out solo-go-around to the globe between 2009-2010.

    Prakash Javadekar launched Samagra Shiksha scheme for school education on - 24th May 2018

    The Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar released Samagra Shiksha scheme for school education from pre-school to senior secondary levels, on May 24th , 2018.
    Key Objective

    • The scheme will primarily aim on cultivating quality of education, attractive the learning outcomes and using technology to strengthen children and teachers.
    • The scheme will be aimed on digital education and it will improve usage of digital technology in education via smart classroom and digital boards.
    • The scheme will deliver holistic education for holistic development.
    • It would assist advance the quality of education by emphasising on teachers and technology.
    • Yearly grant of Rupees 5000-20,000 will be issued for solidification of libraries in the schools.

    India’s first National Sports University in Manipur by - Union Cabinet approves ordinance

    The Union Cabinet has sanctioned an ordinance to form the nation’s 1st National Sports University in in
    Imphal, Manipur. The regulation is on the lines of National Sports University Bill, 2017 which is pending
    in Parliament and was introduced in Lok Sabha in August, 2017.
    Key Points

    • The specialised university will be the 1st of its kind in the nation and accept best international performs.
    • Manipur government has already assigned land for the planned university. The application to set up
      national sports university in Manipur was primarily declared by PM Narendra Modi.
    • Then it was sanctioned in 2014-15 budget with Rupees 100 crores distribution.
    • The planned university is anticipated to bridge gap in sports environment of nation in different areas including sports science, sports technology, intense performance training.
      National Sports University Bill, 2017
    • The Bill set up National Sports University in Manipur. It is instructed to promote sports education in
      areas of sports sciences, sports technology and sports coaching.
    • It will work as National Training Centre for excellent sports disciplines.
    • It also authorizes the University to endowment degrees, diplomas and certificates. It also permits Government to set up campuses and study centres in other parts of the nation.
      Objectives of National Sports University
    • Research, progress and distribution of knowledge in physical education and sports sciences.
      Firming up physical education and sports training programmes.
    • Producing knowledge abilities, skills and fitness at various levels.
    • Training brilliant athletes to support them to evolve into international level athletes.

    Nepal becomes first country in south-east Asia to eliminate Trachoma by - WHO

    WHO has authenticated Nepal for having eradicated trachoma, which is a transmittable bacterial
    infection of the eyes. It declares Nepal 1st nation in World Health Organization’s South-East Asia Region to conquest trachoma, as its world’s foremost infectious cause of blindness. The eyes disease was 2nd foremost cause of unnecessary blindness in Nepal in 1980s. Its pervasiveness in Nepal has decreased by 40 percent after execution of sustained control activities consisting National Trachoma Programme which delivered incentives to homegrown communities and districts to shape and maintain latrines, measures that were vital to progress sanitation and diminish disease carrying flies.
    World Health Organization Criteria utilised to evaluate nation’s claim for eradicated trachoma as a
    public health problem-Less than 5 per cent of children aged 1–9 years have symptoms of active trachoma.
    Less than 0.2 percent of people for the age group of 15 years and older have trachomatous trichiasis.
    Health system which can classify and accomplish fresh cases of trachomatous trichiasis.
    More about Trachoma

    • It is an eye disease triggered by infection with bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Eye infection is chiefly common in young children.
    • It results inflamed granulation on inner side of eye-lids. It blowouts through contact with infective eye/nose discharges. Eye/nasal discharge can be communicated directly from person to person and arbitrated by flies which have been in contact with eyes/noses discharge of infected person.
    • Trachoma communication is linked with poor sanitation and hygiene, which upsurge accessibility of eye discharges and boost flies breeding. It can be cured with antibiotics in case of children.
    • Aged people infected with this infection need eyelid surgery for its cure.

    Cabinet approves USOF scheme for Meghalaya under  - CTDP

    Union Cabinet has sanctioned implementation of Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan Project for North Eastern Region in Meghalaya to advance mobile services. The project has facility of 2G as well as 4G mobile network coverage in recognized non-coverage areas of Meghalaya and unified mobile
    network along National Highways in the state. It will be sponsored by Universal Service Obligation Fund.
    Cabinet also permitted enhanced cost of Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan Project for North-
    Eastern Region for Rupees 8,120.81 crores. It already has sanctioned Rupees 5,336.18 crores on
    September 2014 for the project.

    • Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan focuses to firming up of telecom network that will outcome in upsurge of mobile connectivity in Meghalaya.
    • It will deliver inexpensive and equitable access of communication and governance to individuals.
    • Connecting unreached individuals of Meghalaya via public mobile network will authorize citizens with advantages of ICTs for furthering socio-economic expansions.
    • It will also upsurge ground-breaking skill of un-exposed areas of the state via broadband and internet admittance.
      Universal Service Obligation Fund
    • Universal Service Obligation Fund was designed by Central Government to aid fund projects to enhance connectivity in rural areas.
    • The money support for this trust comes via ‘Universal Access Levy,’ which is gathered from telecom operators as percentage of various licenses fees being compensated by them.

    Who has been appointed as Chairman of Press Council of India ? - Former SC judge CK Prasad

    Government has selected former Supreme Court Judge C.K.Prasad as Chairman of Press Council of India for second term. His suggestion was sanctioned by 3-member committee led by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. He was previously selected to position in November 2014 after Justice Markanday Katju stepped down.
    Press Council of India

    • Press Council of India is a constitutional body with mandate to work as watchdog to supervise conduct of the print media. It originates its mandate from Press Council Act, 1978.
    • It involves Chairman, who has by convention, been a retired judge of Supreme Court and 28 other
      members off whom twenty represent press, 5 are designated from both the Houses of Parliament and 3 represent cultural, literary and legal areas.
    • It is constitutional body working as watchdog of press. It arbitrates complaints against and by the press for violation of morals and for violation of the freedom of the press correspondingly.

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