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  • Current Affairs 26th June 2019

    Updated : 26-Jun-2019
    Current Affairs 26th June 2019

    Current Affairs 26th June 2019 - Important Points

    • Falcon Heavy Rocket With 24 Satellites Following 3-Hour Delay released by - SpaceX
    • First-time TMC MPs Nusrat Jahan, Mimi Chakraborty take oath as Lok Sabha members on - 25th June 2019
    • $3 billion bailout from Qatar secured by - Pakistan
    • Ban on EU Food Imports until end of 2020 extended by - Russia
    • European Space Agency’s tested device as - Evacuation System Assembly
    • Chinese Dairy firm sign Olympic Sponsorship signed between Chinese Dairy firm and -  Coca-Cola 
    • Korean Ambassador to India  released  -  Jaipur Foot Korea
      Current Affairs 26th June 2019 - Details

    Falcon Heavy Rocket With 24 Satellites Following 3-Hour Delay released by - SpaceX

    SpaceX released its Falcon Heavy rocket on June 25th, 2019 from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, United States. It was carrying 24 experimental satellites in which Elon Musk's rocket organisation termed one of the most difficult releases it has attempted. The craft take-off to cheers from onlookers at 2:30am. Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. released its Falcon Heavy rocket for the United States military.
    Following a 3-hour delay from the original launch time, the boosters detached safely and the craft started its 6 hours mission to deploy the satellites. The mission, named Space Test Programme-2, is the 3rd one for the Falcon heavy rocket, labelled as the most powerful launch system in the universe. The Falcon Heavy was scheduled to travel to 3 different drop-off points in orbit.
    Important Highlights

    • Falcon Heavy vehicle was carrying satellites of numerous organizations, including NASA, military
      research laboratories, and universities.
    • Mission was comprised a satellite that will test new telescope technologies, and 1 that hosts a
      futuristic atomic clock. 
    • Another is a solar sail project that has been eras in the making. It's sponsored by The Planetary
      Society, a non-profit led by Bill Nye.
    • It's termed LightSail-2 and is outlined to travel via space propelled by sunlight.
    • LightSail-2 will deploy razor-thin sheets of polyester to formulate a sail that's 32 sq.m/size of a
      boxing ring.

    First-time TMC MPs Nusrat Jahan, Mimi Chakraborty take oath as Lok Sabha members on - 25th June 2019

    The 1st-time parliamentarians, TMC Member of Parliaments Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain and Mimi
    Chakraborty swear-in as members of the 17th Lok Sabha on June 25th, 2019. Both the artists
    were not present on the day that the swear-in of the office was directed to all the Lok Sabha
    Member of Parliaments, due to Nusrat Jahan’ s wedding function.
    Nusrat Jahan recently got married to a Hindu businessman Nikhil Jain in Turimportant and Mimi
    Chakraborty was a guest in the ceremony, due to which both the artists missed oath taking
    ceremony along with the other Member of Parliaments during the 1st session of the 17th Lok
    So, as soon as the Lok Sabha assembled for the day, both the actresses sworn-in as 1st-time
    Member of Parliaments in Bangla. Both of them finished their oath by saying ‘Jai Hind, Vande
    Mataram and Jai Bangla’. The both later took blessings from Lok Speaker Om Birla before taking
    their seat.
    More about Nusrat Jahan wins from Basirhat

    • TMC's new face Nusrat Jahan beat other Tollywood bigwigs to secure Basirhat parliamentary
      constituency with the highest vote margin among celebrities. The artist secured the seat by more
      than 3.5 lakh votes.
    • The former beauty contest winner was contested against Bhartiya Janta Party’s Sayantan Basu,
      Congress’ Quazi Abdur Rahim and Pallab Sengupta of CPI.

    Mimi Chakraborty winner from Jadavpur

    Mimi Chakraborty, the popular Bengali TV star secured Jadavpur parliamentary constituency by
    more than 2.9 lakh votes. Chakraborty was contested from the seat by the West Bengal CM to
    take on Bhartiya Janta Party bigwig Anupam Hazra.

    $3 billion bailout from Qatar secured by - Pakistan

    Cash-strapped Pakistan has held a financial help in form of a bailout package of $3 billion from oil-
    rich Qatar, a day following Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad finished his visit to Pakistan.
    Qatar’s financial help to Pakistan was declared by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani,
    Foreign Minister of Qatar.
    Important Highlights

    • Pakistan also bestowed visiting Qatari Emir with the Nishan-e-Pakistan, nation’s highest civil
    • Pakistan and Qatar apart from stepping-up assistance in trade and economy also inked a MoU to unite in field of exchange of financial intelligence related to money laundering and restricting terrorism financing.
    • During last 11 months, the Gulf state is 4th nation that has come forward at Pakistan’s liberation
      from default as when PM Imran Khan’s government efforts to overwhelmed a ballooning balance-
      of-payments catastrophe.
      Other Financial Aid to Pakistan
      China issued $4.6 billion help to Pakistan in shape of deposits and commercial loans.
      Saudi Arabia issued $3 billion cash deposit and $3.2 billion oil facility on delayed payments.
      United Arab Emirates also issued $2 billion cash deposit.

    Ban on EU Food Imports until end of 2020 extended by - Russia

    Russian President Vladimir Putin freshly inked a decree for outspreading Moscow’s embargo on
    food products being imported from the EU to the end of 2020. This conclusion was in continuation
    of Russia’s s retaliation against permissions over Ukraine.
    Important Highlights

    • A decree inked by President Vladimir Putin published on Moscow’s official government website,
      explained that restriction on produce, dairy, meat and most other foods imported from European
      Union will now extend to December 31st, 2020.
    • Freshly on 20th June 2019, European Union further stretched their punishing economic permissions against Russia for a further Six-month period.
    • The Western economic restrictions being faced by Russia and nation’s own embargo have suffered
      Russian economy by increasing food prices.
    • Western sanction has underprivileged Russian economy of $50 billion on the other hand European Union has lost $240 billion.
      Did you know?
      In 2014, following the international authorizations imposed by US and other nations over Russia for
      its seizure of Crimea and support of east Ukraine’s separatists, Moscow in August 2014 forced
      counter sanctions on most food-item imports from the EU, United States and numerous other
      nations. The international restrictions were primarily focused at finance, energy and defines sectors
      of Russian economy.

    European Space Agency’s tested device as - Evacuation System Assembly

    European Space Agency freshly tested a device known as Evacuation System Assembly, which is
    fabricated to help in astronaut rescue missions on the surface of Moon. According to European
    Space Agency, it is world’s 1st device intended to aid future incapacitated astronauts.
    More about LESA

    • Among other preparations for NASA’s 2024 Moon mission, researchers are testing the Lunar
      Evacuation System Assembly device.
    • It is developed by ESA, an intergovernmental group of 22 member states dedicated to space
    • Lunar Evacuation System Assembly is a pyramid-like structure which is outlined in a way to be
      deployed just by a single astronaut in lunar gravity to save an incapacitated crew member.
    • On mission Astronauts wear Extravehicular Activities suits that are bulky, heavy due to which they
      do not permit for a full range of movement.
    • Thus, while wearing an Extravehicular Activities suit, there is no way that an astronaut could carry their fallen crewmate over their shoulder.
    • NASA astronauts are testing Lunar Evacuation System Assembly under sea due to the reason
      that its rocky, sandy terrain and warm salty water, the bottom of ocean floor bears much more
      similarity with lunar surface.
      In order to release a fallen colleague, Lunar Evacuation System Assembly can be functioned just
      by a single astronaut thus making sure, a rapid and safe rescue.
      Lunar Evacuation System Assembly can be transported like a golf caddy and kept close to the fallen
      astronaut, hence enabling an astronaut to carry their crewmember onto a mobile stretcher in
      minimum 10 minutes, before carrying them to protection of a nearby pressurised lander.

    Chinese Dairy firm sign Olympic Sponsorship signed between Chinese Dairy firm and -  Coca-Cola 

    Coca-Cola and Chinese dairy organisation Mengniu have inked a multi-year worldwide Olympic pact to become joint sponsors for beverages and dairy items of Olympic Games opening from 2021 to 2032.
    Important Highlights

    • Neither International Olympic Committee nor 2 companies including Coca-Cola and Mengniu
      involved in sponsorship disclosed the size of pact.
    • The pact was unveiled in Lausanne, Switzerland ahead of opening of International Olympic
      Committee session in which International Olympic Committee will select host city for 2026 Winter
      Olympics between two running candidates- Italy’s Milan/Cortina and Sweden’s Stockholm/Are.
    • This pact is 1st ever joint partnership under Universal Olympic TOP program which is the highest
      level of Olympic sponsorship which allowances category-exclusive marketing rights to a
      nominated group of universal partners for Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games.
    • Longest Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola 1st sponsored the Olympic Games in 1928 and its previous
      pact remained effective till 2020.
    • Now with Coca Cola’s new agreement with Mengniu, China’s top milk products producer which will span 6 Olympic Games, makes it longest Olympic sponsor.
    • Beijing is planned to host 2022 Olympics, while 2024 Summer Games will be staged in Paris,
      France. Los Angeles in California has been awarded 2028 Olympics.

    Korean Ambassador to India  released  -  Jaipur Foot Korea

    Bong-kil Shin, South Korean Ambassador to India released Jaipur Foot Korea, a collective initiative between South Korea and Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti, a Jaipur-based prosthetic limb non-profit group.
    Important Highlights
    Republic of Korea ambassador to India inked a pact with Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti for providing assistance in prosthetic limbs sector.
    Under the pact South Korea will provide financial and technical assistance to further R&D
    association, technology transfer and facilitate and develop business between India and Korea in medical
    technology sector specifically in area of prosthetic limbs, bionic arms, 3-D printing-based Flat foot
    solution and mobility solutions.
    The Korean ambassador stressed that the pact inked will open up access to Korean med-tech
    students to join various prosthetic fitment camps in various nations and participate in certificate
    programs offered by Jaipur Foot.
    The agreement will also open up many openings for overseas development help and grants from
    Government of Republic Of Korea and donations from several private institutions and establishments
    from Korea to India.

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