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  • Current Affairs 28th March 2018

    Updated : 28-Mar-2018
    Current Affairs 28th March 2018

    Current Affairs 28th March 2018 - Important Points

    • Cool EMS Service between India and Japan was launched by - Department of Posts
    • Where was first insect museum of India opened - Tamil Nadu
    • India hold naval training with - U.S.
    • Who has been appointed as principal scientific advisor to Government - Vijay Raghavan
    • World Theater Day was observed across the globe on – March 27th 2018
    • NASA, SpaceX collaborate to search for exoplanets by - TESS
    • World’s first nuclear reactor complete d by - Arab
    • Sun protection to protect Great Barrier Reef developed by - Scientists
    • Who has been appointed CEO of Ayushman Bharat mission? - Indu Bhushan 
    • Who has been appointed as acting Chairperson of NGT ? - Justice Jawad Rahim

    Current Affairs 28th March 2018 - Details

    Cool EMS Service between India and Japan was launched by - Department of Posts

    Cool EMS Service has been introduced by Ministry of Communications between India and Japan. It will start from 29th March 2018. This service will allow Indian Customers to import Japanese food items.
    This is a one way service from Japan to India for personal use. In first phase it will work only in Delhi where Japan Post will carry it to consumers.

    Do You Know :

    Minister of state (Independent charge) for Communications is Manoj Sinha.

    Where was first insect museum of India opened - Tamil Nadu

    On 26th March 2018, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswamy inaugurated insect Museum in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore. This is first insect museum of India. This museum has been set up in approx 6700 sqft area. Total cost for building this museum is 5 crore.

    Interestingly lobby of Museum has a theme "BUGS ARE KINGS".

    India hold naval training with - U.S.

     On 25th March 2018, India and U.S. hold a naval training excercise. INS Tarkash carried out this training with U.S. Navy’s Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (TRCSG).
    Along with INS Tarkash, USS Theodore Roosevelt and the guided-missile destroyers USS Preble, USS Halsey and USS Sampson took part in this excercise.

    Who has been appointed as principal scientific advisor to Government - Vijay Raghavan

    On 26th March 2018, K Vijay Raghavan was appointed as Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. He is 64 years old and former director of National Centre for Biological Sciences. He was serving as Secretary of Department of Biotechnology from 2013 until last month.

    Important to mention here that Principal Scientific Advisor was created in 1999, as Principal Scientific Advisor acts as advisor to Government on various issues of scientific policies. K Vijay Raghavan has been appointed for this top post for the period of three years.

    World Theater Day was observed across the globe on – March 27

    Among Important Days, On 27th March 2018, World Theater Day was observed across the globe. This day is celebrated on 27th March of every year. It is being celebrated since 1962. It is being observed with an aim to create awareness on the value of theatre.

    World Theatre Day Message is released on this occasion and From India Mr. Ram Gopal Bajaj was selected as one of the five authors to write this message.

    Do You Know :

    International Theatre Institute is located in Shanghai ( China ) and Current president is Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham.

    NASA, SpaceX collaborate to search for exoplanets by - TESS

    NASA has joined with SpaceX to launch Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite to hunt for exoplanets using the transit technique. Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is planned to carry out 1st spaceborne entire-sky transiting exoplanet study. It is fitted with 4 widespread-angled telescopes and related charge-coupled device detectors. It is intentioned to be release in April 2018 on board of SpaceX’s Falcon-9 skyrocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
    Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

    • The primary mission aim of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is to study brightest stars near Earth for transiting exo-planets more than 2-year time period.
    • It will utilise array of wide-range cameras to perform entire-sky study. It will generate catalogue of thousands of exoplanet contenders using transit photometry technique.
    • It will deliver prime targets for further classification by James Webb Space Telescope and other large grounded and space related telescopes of the upcoming duration.
    • With Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, it will be conceivable to study weight, size, thickness and orbit of small planets, consisting rocky world samples in goldilocks zone of their crowd stars.
    • This will disclose whether planets are like Earth, gas or like Jupiter or something even extra unusual.

    World’s first nuclear reactor complete d by - Arab

    The UAE informed that 1 of the 4 nuclear reactors at its debut nuclear power plant has been finalized on March 26th , 2018. With this progress, United Arab Emirates moves much closer to become the 1st Arab country to generate atomic power. This declaration came into existence after meeting of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed explored the $20-billion Barakah station.
    Key Highlights

    • The accomplishment is historical for the energy segment of United Arab Emirates, which is rich in oil and gas but is seeking to rise other power sources.
    • With the progress, the presently small portion of United Arab Emirates’ energy resources are scheduled to provide about 27% to the nation’s electricity requirements by 2021.
    • The United Arab Emirates earlier declaration, the 1st reactor would initiate processes in 2017 before delaying the begin date.
    • The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is expecting the sanctions from the regulatory authority to initiate operating.
    • While the 2nd reactor is 92% finished, the 3rd is 81% finished and the 4th is 66% finished.
    • When completely working, the 4 reactors will generate 5,600 MW of electricity, and approximately 25% of the nation'S requirements.

    Sun protection to protect Great Barrier Reef developed by - Scientists

    Researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Biology have established an ultra-fine decomposable film, which is about 50000 times firm than a human hair, to prevent coral bleaching, which had blowout crossways the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, in 2016 and 2017. The research were issued by Great Barrier Reef Foundation on March 27 th , 2018.
    Key Points

    • Researchers established a film which acts as a sun protection to protection the Great Barrier Reef from environmental deprivation.
    • The protection has been fabricated to settle on the surface of the water above the corals apart from direct settle on the corals to issue an active barrier from the sun.
    • Researchers completed the tests on 7 different coral types and resolved that this protective layer reduced the bleaching of most coral species and preventing sunlight by about 30%.
    • The test results of this surface-floating sun protection, composed of calcium carbonate, were extraordinary sufficient to establish the inevitability in protecting the reef from the bleaching effects.
    • However, researchers measured it unreasonable to cover the whole 348000 square-km reef with the sun-protection, somewhat, it could be positioned on a smal level to protect most-risky areas.
      Great Barrier Reef
    • The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is a UNESCO World Heritage enlisted site that fascinates millions of visitors every year.
    • It is house for about 400 kinds of corals, 1,500 species of fishes and 4,000 molluscs varieties.
    • The place started to depreciate during the 1990s due to the double impression of warming seawater and increase in acidity levels in ocean water related to various climate change.

    Who has been appointed CEO of Ayushman Bharat mission? - Indu Bhushan 

    Indu Bhushan was selected as the Chief Executive Officer of the Union Government’s determined Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Mission on March 27 th , 2018. Bhushan has been nominated for the position for a time period of 2 years.
    More about Indu Bhushan

    • Bhushan is presently the DG of East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank in Manila, Philippines. He was selected for the post in October 2017.
    • Previously, he was the Director General of the Strategy and Policy Department, which heads the preparation and management of Asian Development Bank’s corporate policy and plans, resource deployment and distribution and results management.
    • Indu Bhushan has been with the Asian Development Bank since 1997.
    • As for as his academics are concerned, he is Ph.D. in Economics and Master of Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

    Who has been appointed as acting Chairperson of NGT ? - Justice Jawad Rahim

    The Supreme Court designated Justice Jawad Rahim as the interim Chairperson of the National Green Tribunal on March 27 th , 2018. Justice Rahim is also the judicial associate of the Green panel. His designation was accepted by a bench consisting Chief Justice Dipak Misra and honesties A.M.Khanwilkar and D.Y.Chandrachud.
    Justice Rahim will release his duties until a steady appointment is completed and will take part in selection process of other associates of the National Green Tribunal.  However, the bench elucidated that the nomination of Justice Rahim is an acting arrangement and should not be understood as a final purpose of the seniority between Justice Rahim and Justice R.S.Rathore.
    Plea of the NGT Bar Association

    • The Supreme Court’s conclusion came on a plea informing that due to the non-selection of CEO at the National Green Tribunal, selection procedure to fill-up the positions in the green tribunal has been hindered.
    • The plea was launched by the National Green Tribunal Bar Association.
    • The selection of National Green Tribunal's acting Chairperson would now facilitate the constitution of the National Green Tribunal bench for western area in Pune.
    • There are 500 hearings incomplete in the western area bench of the National Green Tribunal.

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