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  • Current Affairs 28th May 2018

    Updated : 28-May-2018
    Current Affairs 28th May 2018

    Current Affairs 28th May 2018 - Important Points

    • Rustom-2 drone to be delivered to armed forces by 2020 by - DRDO
    • Man Booker International Prize 2018 won by - Olga Tokarczuk 
    •  Sushant Singh Rajput  signed Sol to promote Women Entrepreneurship Platform with - NITI Aayog
    • Germany to host first edition of Global Wind Summit by - September 25th 2018
    • NATO as global partner is joined by - Colombia
    • US delegation is in North Korea to arrange Singapore Summit by - Donald Trump

    Current Affairs 28th May 2018 - Details

    Rustom-2 drone to be delivered to armed forces by 2020 by - DRDO

    According to a contract Made in India Rustom-II Unmanned Aerial Vehicle by DRDO will be provided to armed forces by 2020. Presently, its basic system is being finalized and attempts are performing to enhance its flight altitude. Its engineering will be done by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and Bharat Electronics Ltd.
    More about Rustom-II

    • Rustom-II is part of Rustom line of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are made in India, outlined and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation that includes Rustom-I, Rustom-H and Rustom-C.
    • It is being established for utilisation of all 3 services of Indian Armed Forces, chiefly for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance actions.
    • It is a long-fortitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that has twenty hours estimated flight time. Its  medium-altitude prototype can fly at estimated 22,000 feet. It is drove by 2 three-bladed NPO saturn engines in which each engine produces more than 450 kilograms force energy.
    • It stands 2.4 meters tall with wing area of 20.6 metres and length of 9.5 metres. It can fly at about 280 kilometres per hour.
    • Various critical systems and machineries of Rustom-II, including its airframe, flight control, landing gear and many more, have been developed in India and some in association with private constructors.
    • Rustom-II can transport variety of cargos like Long Range Electro Optic, Medium Range Electro Optic,Synthetic Aperture Radar, Electronic Intelligence- ELINT and Situational Awareness Payloads that assist in accomplishment of missions during the night also.

    Man Booker International Prize 2018 won by - Olga Tokarczuk 

    Polish author Olga Tokarczuk bestowed Man Booker International Prize 2018. It makes her 1st writer
    from Poland to secure this prestigious English-language literary Prize. She earned prize with English
    translation of her novel “Flights”. It was 1st printed in Polish language in 2007 and was translated into
    English in 2017 by Jennifer Croft.
    More about Olga Tokarczuk

    • Olga Tokarczuk is one of most unsympathetically acclaimed and successful Polish writers of her
    • She is mainly noted for hallmark legendary tone of her writing. She is proficient as psychologist at University of Warsaw.
    • She has printed variety of poems, novels and other books with shorter prose works. Her 1st novel was ‘The Journey Of The People Of The Book’ which was published in 1993.
    • Her literally work has secured various national and international awards including Poland’s most significant ‘Nike Literary Award’ twice. She also has co-written script for Polish crime film Spoor, which earned the Alfred Bauer Prize at the Berlin film festival in 2017.
    • It was also nominated as Poland’s entry for best overseas language film at 2018 Oscars.
      Man Booker International Prize
    • Man Booker International Prize is complement to Man Booker Prize for English-language novels offered by the Man Group.
    • It is free to books in any language that have been interpreted into English. It has monetary award of £50,000 which is divided evenly between writer and interpreter.
    • The authors are finalised by judges from a wide range of guidelines and all with passion for excellence fiction.

     Sushant Singh Rajput  signed Sol to promote Women Entrepreneurship Platform with - NITI Aayog

    NITI Aayog has inked Statement of Intent with renowned actor and entrepreneur Sushant Singh Rajput
    to cooperate and support its flagship Women Entrepreneurship Platform initiative. In his new role, actor transformed into entrepreneur will backing NITI’s initiative for women entrepreneurs, enabling
    commercial ecosystem for women of the nation. He will also encourage Bharat Interface for Money
    digital payments application for cashless economy by give the idea in various video, print and social
    media operations of NITI Aayog. He will also support NITI Aayog in encouraging Women Transforming
    India Awards 2018 with theme ‘Women and Entrepreneurship’.
    Women Entrepreneurship Platform
    NITI Aayog had released Women Entrepreneurship Platform in March 2018 on the eve of the International Women’s Day.
    Key Objectives

    • Create environment for females in India to escalate their commercial aspirations, increase innovative activities and  chalk-out supportable, long lasting strategies for their trades.
    • Power vibrant commercial ecosystem over enabling network of industry associations, corporations,
      mentors and peer-to-peer link.
    • Women Entrepreneurship Platform benefits aspiring women businesspersons in 3 different ways which is demonstrated as its 3 pillars. They are-“Ichha Shakti” is for motivating ambitious entrepreneurs to initiate their business.
    • “Gyaan Shakti” is for providing information and environment support to women businesspersons to
      assist them foster business.
    • “Karma Shakti” is for providing practical assistance to businesspersons in initiating and scaling up

    Germany to host first edition of Global Wind Summit by - September 25th 2018

    The 1st edition of the Global Wind Summit will be accommodated by Germany from September 25th -28th , 2018 at Hamburg. 
    Highlights of the first Global Wind Summit

    • The Global Wind Summit 2018 will be the mega meeting point for trade, networking and data for the whole of the wind industry including onshore and offshore.
    • The summit associates 2 conferences ‘WindEnergy Hamburg’ and ‘WindEurope’.
    • WindEurope, in corporation with WindEnergy Hamburg, will accommodate the Global Wind Summit 2018 in the Hamburg Messe.
    • More than 1400 exhibitors will come together for WindEnergy Hamburg, with an objective to network, do trade and expands visibility prior to a truly global listeners.
    • More than 50 meeting sessions by 250 specialists of WindEurope will witness the vanguard of every aspect of the wind industry in 2018.
    • The event will observer involvement from more than 100 nations including India, China, USA, Spain and Denmark.
    • The conferences will debate on the ways to progress new markets, make competitive produce in auctions and use wind power for all energy apps.
      India’s participation in the summit

    A variety of Indian firms would be taking part in the global event. India is 4th major nation in terms of wind energy installation with a volume around 33 GW after China, USA and Germany. Indian government has formed an aim of achieving 60 GW by 2022.

    US delegation is in North Korea to arrange Singapore Summit by - Donald Trump

    • United States President Donald Trump broadcasted that a United States entrustment is in North Korea to make arrangements for the Singapore Summit, on May 27 th , 2018, which a clear-cut signal of the summit among Donald Trump and North Korea front-runner Kim Jong Un is back on pathway.
      The delegation consists of United States Ambassador to the Philippines, Sung Kim; the Assistant Secretary of Defence for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, Randall G. Schriver; and Director for Korea on the White House's National Security Council, Allison Hooker.
      On the other side, Kim Jong Un met Choe Son Hui, a knowledgeable North Korean ambassador who experte in the nation's ties with Washington, in concern to the preparations of the summit.
      The meeting is planned to be accommodated on June 12th , 2018, will spot the 1st face-to-face meeting between a sitting United States President and a North Korean leader.
      Revival of Singapore Summit
    • The statement comes afterward Donald Trump specified on May 25 th , 2018 that he leftovers open to accommodate the Singapore Summit with Kim Jong Un.
    • The communication between the US and North Korea regarding restoring the June 12 summit, regenerated afterward Donald Trump suddenly negated the summit succeeding the harsh statements from North Korea in which they warned not to be present at the summit.
      Singapore Summit earlier cancelled by Donald Trump
      United States President Donald Trump negated the historic Singapore Summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, on May 24 th , 2018, condemning North Korea of ‘tremendous anger and open hostility’.

    NATO as global partner is joined by - Colombia

    Colombia has officially linked NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization as global partner. It makes it
    1st Latin American to join North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The declaration came later Organization
    for Economic Cooperation and Development sanctioned Colombia as a fresh member.
    Key Points

    • As a worldwide partner with North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Colombia will not essentially have to participate in active military activities of North Atlantic Treaty Organization but will be completely accredited to 29 countries’ military association.
    • It will collaborate on worldwide security areas including cyber and nautical security, terrorism and organized crime.
    • Other worldwide associates of North Atlantic Treaty Organization are Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand and Pakistan.
      North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a diplomatic military association among 29 North American and European nations grounded on the North Atlantic Treaty that was inked on 4th April 1949.
    • It is HQ in Brussels, Belgium, while HQs of its Allied Command Operations is in Belgium.

    Did you know?
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization association had touched partnership contract with Colombia back in May 2017, following the Latin American inked peace contract with communist Revolutionary Armed
    Forces of Colombia, finishing the long civil battle in Latin America. The peace contract had earned
    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

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