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  • Current Affairs 30th March 2018

    Updated : 30-Mar-2018
    Current Affairs 30th March 2018

    Current Affairs 30th March 2018 - Important Points

    • Central Panel for 65th National Films Awards to be headed by - Shekhar Kapur
    • MoU among India, UK and Ireland on organised crime approved by - Union Cabinet
    • Bulk export of all edible oils approved by - CCEA
    • GSAT-6A Communication Satellite launched by - India
    • US issues work permits to spouses of H-1B visa holders on - 29th March 2018

    Current Affairs 30th March 2018 - Details

    Central Panel for 65th National Films Awards to be headed by - Shekhar Kapur

    Shekhar Kapur, veteran director is appointed as the chairman for the central panel of  upcoming 65th national Films Awards. This panel has ten other members including five regional chairpersons too. These regional chairpersons are -

    Imtiaz Hussain -  The film writer will be taking care of the South panel 1.

    Mehboob: The lyricist, will be taking care  of South II panel as a regional chairperson.

    Gautami Tadimalla: 
    The actor will be the regional chairman of the North panel.

    Rahul Rawail: The director  has been appointed as the regional chairperson of the Western panel.

    P. Sheshadri: The director,  will be the regional chairperson of the Eastern panel.

    Other members of the panel  will be including dialogue and script writer Rumi Jaffery, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, a Bengali and Hindi film director, playwright Tripurari Sharma ,  Ranjit Das is known for the critically acclaimed film Pratyavartan and film writer, director and producer Rajesh Mapuskar.

    Bulk export of all edible oils approved by - CCEA

    The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has sanctioned for elimination of ban on export of all kinds
    of edible-oils excluding mustard oil. The suggestion was forwarded by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.  

    The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has also sanctioned empowering Committee, led by Secretary, Department of Food and Public Distribution to revaluation the export and import policy on all kinds of edible oils.
    Key Points

    • The empowering committee will study measures including quantitative limitations, former registration, Minimum Export Price imposition and alterations in import duties depending on domestic production, domestic and international rates and International trade capacities.
    • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has finished Inter-Ministerial Committee led by Commerce Secretary, mandated to revaluate export of edible-oils in consumer packings and standardize Minimum Export Price from according to time.
    • Eliminating the limits on export of all edible-oils will facilitate extra marketing ventures for edible-oils and oil-seeds.
    • It will be an advantage for the farmers with the better assessment for oilseeds. It will also outcome in use of idle volume in India’s edible-oils industry.

    MoU among India, UK and Ireland on organised crime approved by - Union Cabinet

    The Union Cabinet has sanctioned inking of MoU among India, UK and Northern Ireland regarding
    collaboration in the field of organised crime. It is interchange of data for the purposes of fighting
    international criminality and undertaking serious organised crime.
    Key Points

    • The Memorandum of Understanding will reinforce coordination in the field of security that will be
      equally helpful.
    • India and United Kingdom previously have accordance regarding investigation and examination of crime and outlining, restraint and appropriation of proceeds and instruments of crime which was inked in 1995.
    • It also comprises wrongdoings involving currency exchange and terrorist funds.
    • Both nations wish to further reinforce coordination in combating international criminality and serious organized crime.

    GSAT-6A Communication Satellite launched by - India

    India fruitfully released the GSAT-6A communication satellite with its heavy rocket GSLV-F08 vehicle, on March 29 th , 2018. Soon after getting apart from GSLV, the 2 solar collections of GSAT-6A were robotically positioned in quick succession and the Master Control Facility at Hassan, Karnataka presumed the regulator of the satellite. 
    GSAT-6A is a communication satellite constructed by Indian Space Research Organisation to deliver mobile communication facilities through multi beam coverage. For this purpose, the satellite is loaded with S & C band transponders and has a assignment life of about 10 years. 
    Insertion of GSAT-6A satellite into GTO

    • The Geostationary Satellite Launching Vehicle rocket fruitfully positioned the satellite in a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit and from here, the satellite will be transferred to its final geostationary orbit by 3 orbit raising manoeuvres.
    • In the Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit, the GSAT-6A is, currently, circling the Earth with a nearest point to Earth of 169.4 kilometres and an farthest point to Earth of 36,692.5 kilometres.
    • Later, the trajectory of GSAT-6A will be elevated from Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit to the final circular Geostationary Orbit by shooting the satellite's Liquid Apogee Motor in stages. 
    • The Satellite will be custom-made into service following the conclusion of orbit raising processes and it will be situated in the selected slot in GSO, after the in-orbit testing of its loads.
      GSLV Rocket
    • This release marks the 12th flight of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-F08 and the 5th successive success attained by Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle carrying made in India established Cryogenic Upper Stage engine. 
    • The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle is a 3-stage rocket. The core of 1st stage is ignited with solid-fuel and the 4-liquid propellant strap-on motors are fired with the liquid fuel, the 2nd stage is the liquid fuel driven and the 3rd is the cryogenic engine.

    US issues work permits to spouses of H-1B visa holders on - 29th March 2018

    The USA gave employment authorisation papers to spouses of over 71,000 H-1B visa holders, among whom 90% were testified to be Indians, on March 29th ,2018. 

    The process of permitting work permits to the spouses of H-1B visa bearers was started by the earlier United States administration headed by Barack Obama in year 2015. 

    Key Highlights

    • The dependents of H-1B visa bearers gain entry into the US on H-4 visas. They were not permitted to work in the nation prior to 2015.
    • As per to a report by Migration Policy Institute, as of June 2017, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services had approved 71,287 initial work permit documents to the H-4 spouses.
    • Among the H-4 spouses, who Got the work permit as early of 2017, 94% were females and maximum of them, 9%, were from India, while 4% were from China.
    • The Migration Policy Institute gained the information from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services under the Freedom of Information Act, which is equal to RTI, India Act.
    • Though the Trump management has delivered the work permits, it has roundabout towards ending the programme this year. The administration is likely to suggest a legislation in this regard by June 2018. 
      Did you know?
    • In 2015, the Obama management had put into place a plan to allow work permission to H-4 visa bearers whose spouses had been on an H-1B visa for over 6 years and were in the procedure of applying for a green card.

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