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  • Current Affairs 31st January 2018

    Updated : 31-Jan-2018
    Current Affairs 31st January 2018

    Current Affairs 31st January 2018 - Important Points

    • US lifts ban on refugees from 11 ‘high risk’ nations on - 29th January 2018
    • India becomes third largest producer of crude steel reported by -  World Steel Association
    • Total Lunar eclipse, Super Blue Blood Moon seen around the world on - 31st January 2018
    • Rural women in Maharashtra to get sanitary pads for just Rs 5 , declared by Govt on - 30th January 2018

    Current Affairs 31st January 2018 - Details

    US lifts ban on refugees from 11 ‘high risk’ nations on - 29th January 2018

    The United States on January 29, 2018 declared that it is lifting the restriction that it had laid on refugees from 11 countries, which it termed as high-risk nations. 

    Despite restarting the process of accepting the refugees, the United States Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen informed that those looking forward to enter the United States would have to enter under much tougher inspection than in earlier. She informed that the refugees will have to undergo tougher inspection process and risk-related assessments prior to getting admission into the country.
    The new inspection measures contain an extra interviews of applicants’ family persons and detailed inspection of potential relations to organized crime. The initiative comes as President Donald Trump presses for a sharp turn in whole United States immigration policy.  Critics of the administration observe the additional inspection measures as part of President Trump’s broader goal of restricting all forms of immigration to the US, especially from Muslim majority nations.
    Did you know?
    The Trump administration had restricted refugees from 10 Muslim majority countries and North Korea in October 2017. Though the eleven nations have not been recognised officially, reports show that they contain countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Iraq, Mali and Syria.

    India becomes third largest producer of crude steel reported by -  World Steel Association

    As per the fresh report issued by World Steel Association, India has surpassed United States to become
    the world’s 3rd largest steel producer in 2017. India’s crude steel production has increased by 6.2
    percent to 101.4 million tonnes in 2017 in comparison to 95.5 million tonnes in the past year.
    Key Points

    • China has grabbed the position of world leader by manufacturing 831.7 million tonnes in 2017, up 5.7% from 786.9 million tonnes in the past period.
    •  Japan is 2nd largest global steel manufacturer and had witnessed negative growth in steel output decreased by 0.1 percent to 104.7 million tonnes in 2017 from 104.8 million tonnes in 2016.
    • The Global steel manufacturing had reached 1,691.2 million tonnes in 2017, up by 5.3 percent compared to 2016 when output was 1,606.3 million tonnes.
    • Crude steel manufacturing raised in all regions in 2017 assumed in Commonwealth of Independent States, which has remained stagnant.
      World Steel Association
    • WSA is a non-profit company and is one of the biggest industry associations in world. Its members
      represent around 85 percent of the world’s steel manufacturing.
    • It contains more than 160 steel manufacturers with 9 of the 10 mega steel companies, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. It was started in July 1967 and is HQ in Brussels, Belgium.

    Total Lunar eclipse, Super Blue Blood Moon seen around the world on - 31st January 2018

    In a rare celestial event, people across the world would be able to see a total lunar eclipse and a super blue moon today, January 31st, 2018.
    The occurrence is being named as a super blue blood moon and would be a rare lunar event to notice. As per the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the celestial occurrence is a lunar trifecta where 3 particular occurrences are colliding consisting blue moon, total lunar eclipse and the super moon phenomena.
    Those residing in the US, Hawaii and Alaska will be able to watch a pre-dawn super blue blood moon while the remaining world will enjoy the best sight of the lunar eclipse. 
    Luckily for India, citizens here would also be able to see the super blue blood moon. As per the BM Birla Science Centre's Director BG Sidharth, the lunar eclipse would be seen from India with the moon taking a red-brown glow, also called the Blood Moon.
    Definition of Total Lunar Eclipse

    • During the lunar eclipse, the earth comes entirely between the sun and the moon and the earth's shadow falls on the moon.
    • If the 3 are almost entirely on the same path, it is called a total lunar eclipse.
    • The eclipse will result into the moon glow in a shade of orange-red hence, called as blood moon.
       Blue Moon
    • A blue moon happens when 2 full moons grows in the same calendar month. 
    • A full moon can be seen once in a month. Occasionally, in every 3 years or so, it occurs twice in single month.
    • 2 appearances of the blue moon in the same year is a special event and it won’t be visible again for next 19 years.
      Significance of Blue Moon
    • The combination of these special events has not been witnessed by anyone in the past 150 years.
    • Previously, all of these events took place simultaneously in the Western hemisphere was in year 1866. 
    • In Asia, the last Blue Moon and total lunar eclipse took place on December 30th, 1982. 
    • In India, the eclipse will begin around 5.18 pm. The Super blue blood moon will be seen between 5.18 and 6.21pm.
    • The total eclipse will finish around 7.37 pm and the Moon will steadily come out of the shadow of the Earth. 
    • The partial eclipse will conclude around 8.41 pm. In total, the eclipse will finish for about one hour and sixteen minutes.

    Rural women in Maharashtra to get sanitary pads for just Rs 5 , declared by Govt on - 30th January 2018

    The Maharashtra state government on January 30th, 2017 passed a proposal to issue sanitary napkins at a cheap rate of Rs.5 to women residing in rural areas.

    The provision was taken during the state Cabinet meeting headed by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. It is focused at promoting menstrual hygiene among young girls and females.

    Important Highlights

    • As per the state’s Women and Child Development Minister Pankaja Munde, the resolution would be completely executed from the International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2018.
    • The usage of sanitary pads among girls and females stands at approximately 17% in the rural areas of the state due to expensive costs. Apart from this, it had also been seen that girls remain absent for 50-60 days a year during their menstrual periods.
    • Thus, along with health, their absence was also a concern that evoked the decision.
    • The WCD Minister informed that the cheap sanitary napkin plan would be executed through Women Self Help Groups.
    • She added more that along with the dispensation of sanitary napkins, the SHGs would also circulate information on personal hygiene, education and health to females living in the rural sectors.
    • Therefore, in the procedure employment options would be formed in women SHGs.

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