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  • Current Affairs 4th July 2019

    Updated : 04-Jul-2019
    Current Affairs 4th July 2019

    Current Affairs 4th July 2019 - Important Points

    • $5 Million aid to UN Palestine Refugee Agency in 2019 pledged by - India
    • 1st Aadhaar Seva Kendra in Delhi and Vijayawada operationalizes by - UIDAI
    • 34th Sailing Championship inaugurated in - Telangana
    • Iran breached enriched Uranium Stockpile limit confirmed by - IAEA
    • Who has been nominated Chairman of MFIN ? - Manoj Kumar Nambiar 

    Current Affairs 4th July 2019 - Details

    $5 Million aid to UN Palestine Refugee Agency in 2019 pledged by - India

    India has promised to contribute $5 Million in 2019 to UN Palestine refugee agency. This initiative comes among India voiced its concern over agency’s financial condition and called for ensuring continued financial assistance for its work.
    More about India and UNRWA

    • During United Nation General Assembly Ad Hoc Committee meeting for Voluntary Contributions to UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East in June 2019, India informed that it has augmented its yearly financial contribution four times to United Nation Relief and Works Agency core budget from $1.25 Million in 2016 to $5 million in 2018 in solidarity with Palestine immigrants.
    • Every year Government of India is supporting 150 Palestinian professionals under Indian
      Technical and Economic Cooperation program.
    • Also, in last five years under India-Palestine Development Partnership, numerous pacts have been
      inked in fields of Information Technology, agriculture, healthcare, female’s empowerment, media,
      consular affairs and youth affairs.
      More about UNRWA
    • It is a relief and human development intervention that was recognized in 8th December 1949. Since 1950 it has been delivering relief, social services health and education and emergency humanitarian
    • It supports recorded Palestinian refugees, and their patrilineal offspring, who fled or expelled their homes during Palestine war and those who fled or expelled during and following 6 Day war in 1967.
      Presently, Agency helps 5.4 million Palestinian refugees’ 20 percent of world’s refugees.
    • It delivers help in five fields of operation including Syria, West Bank including East Jerusalem, Jordan, Lebanon, and Gaza Strip. Assistance for Palestinian refugees outside these 5 areas of
      operation is provided by UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

    1st Aadhaar Seva Kendra in Delhi and Vijayawada operationalizes by - UIDAI

    The UIDAI has opened first ‘Aadhaar Seva Kendra’- ASKs, in Delhi and Vijayawada. The new centres are working on a pilot basis and have set in motion Unique Identification Authority of India’s ambitious plan to initiate 114 such centres by the end of 2019.
    More about Aadhaar Seva Kendra

    • Aadhaar Seva Kendras being formed by Unique Identification Authority of India will be serving 53
      cities across India at a predictable project cost of Rupees 300 to 400 crores. These centres are
      similar to the concept of Passport Seva Centres.
    • These new centres look forward to deliver more touch points to public for availing Aadhaar
      enrolment and updating services.
    • These Aadhaar centres are destined to simplify enrolment, updating and other activities.
      Aadhaar Seva Kendras are owned by Unique Identification Authority of India.
    • They work in addition to thousands of centres that are presently being operated by post offices and banks and even in government premises offering same Aadhaar services.
    • Delhi Centre is situated at Akshardham metro station premises and has a capacity to handle 1000
      enrolment or updating requests/day.
    • It is furnished with 16 workstations and will be working six days/week including weekends. It will be off only on Tuesday and public holidays.
    • Vijayawada Centre is having capacity of half that of the Delhi centre.

    New Aadhaar Seva Kendra model entails an online appointment system to permit people to book
    a slot according to their convenience. These Aadhaar Seva Kendra have extra capacity, extra
    requests for enrolment and updating Aadhar requests thus, can be administered on a daily basis as
    compared to other centres.

    34th Sailing Championship inaugurated in - Telangana

    The 34th edition of Hyderabad Sailing Week National Ranking Multi-Class Championship-
    2019 was initiated by Governor of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, ESL Narasimhan in Hyderabad.
    More about Hyderabad Sailing Week

    • The YAI Multi-Class Ranking Sailing Championship is one of eldest sailing competitions in India. It
      is organised every year in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, at Hussain Sagar Lake.
    • Motive of this Championship is to put Hyderabad into World sailing map.
    • The programme will occur between 2nd to 7th July. The 2019 is a landmark year for EME Sailing
    • Association as this year programme has been ascribed as YAI National Ranking Programme
      hence participant’s sailor’s presentation will be ranked and this will give them points for assortment
      into National team.
    • Participants includes above 190 sailors, 16 sailing clubs with around 21 sailors from Telangana
      state only. Technical part of championship is being managed by foreign sailing members.
      Programme is combinedly organised by Secunderabad Sailing Club and EME Sailing Association
      under the guidance of Laser Class Association of India backed by Sports Authority of Telangana
    • The wind conditions in city are most suitable to hone sailor’s skills in yacht handling and
      understanding air shifts.
      About EME Sailing Association
      EME Sailing Association was recognised in 1964. It has shaped a number of medal winners both
      at National and International levels.

    Iran breached enriched Uranium Stockpile limit confirmed by - IAEA

    International Atomic Energy Agency, the UNs atomic overseer has inveterate that Iran has surpassed limit on amount of enriched uranium in its stock set out in 2015 nuclear pact with world powers. This marks the first major departure by Iran from unravelling pact a year after United States unilaterally removed from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action pact.
    Key Highlights

    • The initial declaration about Iran had broken limit set on its stock limit of low-enriched uranium by
      2015 nuclear pact were announced by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.
    • Later, International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors tested and confirmed that the nation has
      surpassed 300 kilograms limit on its enriched uranium assets.
    • Iran has threatened that nation is scheduling to upsurge its enrichment of uranium closer to
      weapons-grade levels by July 7th and to append its other promises under Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action pact in ten days unless European powers planned to execute their new mechanism
      known as INSTEX- Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges, for easing business.

    Iran also declared that it is planning to append other commitments also.


    INSTEX is Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges. It is a special-purpose vehicle recognized in
    January 2019 by E-3 that means France, Germany and UK to ease non-dollar trade with Iran amid
    United States unilateral withdrawal from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
    This fresh trading system is outlined to circumvent authorizations on Iran. As of May 2019, usage
    of Special-Purpose Vehicle is limited to humanitarian motives including purchase of otherwise
    embargoed food/medicines.
    On 28th June 2019, European Union informed that Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges has
    been made working and that first transactions are being processed, but as per to Iran, it did not meet
    country’s requirements.
    About Iran Nuclear Pact
    JCPOA/Iran nuclear pact/Iran pact was inked between Iran, P5+1 refers to United Nations Security
    Council’s Five permanent members as P5; including France, UK, China, Russia, and United States;
    plus, Germany, and European Union in Vienna on July 14th, 2015.
    Under the 2015 Nuclear Pact, Iran had decided to limit its sensitive nuclear happenings and permit in
    International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors in return for removal of sanctions.

    Who has been nominated Chairman of MFIN ? - Manoj Kumar Nambiar 

    Manoj Kumar Nambiar MD of Arohan Financial Services has been nominated as new chairman of
    Microfinance Institutions Network- MFIN. He was nominated at 6th yearly general meeting of
    Microfinance Institutions Network.
    Nambiar is also a director on boards of IntelleCash Microfinance Network Company. He will be
    replacing Ujjivan Financial Services CEO and Managing Director Samit Ghosh.
    Gyan Mohan and Jagadish Ramadugu were also welcomed to Microfinance Institutions Networks
    governing board.
    More about Microfinance Institutions Network

    • It was recognized as a Society in December 2009 under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration
      Act 2001. It is a body for microfinance sector in India and is also a Self-Regulatory Organization for
      planned Non-Banking Financial Companies-Micro Finance Institution.
    • Members Organizations institute India’s leading microfinance institutions. As per to Microfinance
      Institutions Network Bye-Laws, all Non-Banking Financial Companies listed with RBI as Non-
      Banking Financial Company-Micro Finance Institutions are qualified for membership of Society.
    • To a large extent Microfinance Institutions Network is member sponsored.
    • Governing Board contains Members nominated from leadership of member MFIs and 33 percent of
      Board consists of independent Members.
    • Presently, Microfinance Institutions Network comprises 56 Non-Banking Financial Company-Micro
      Finance Institutions and 40 associates including banks, small finance banks and Non-Banking
      Financial Companies and it controls 90 percent of India’s Micro Finance Institutions business.
    • In financial year 2018-19 the microfinance industry witnessed a 38 percent growth in its gross loan
      portfolio at Rupees 1.87 lakh crore. This sector has an important role in getting rural India into
      crinkles of financial inclusion.

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