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  • Current Affairs 5th March 2018

    Updated : 05-Mar-2018
    Current Affairs 5th March 2018

    Current Affairs 5th March 2018 - Important Points

    • Zero Discrimination Day 2018 observed globally on - 1st March 2018
    • India, Russia, Bangladesh signed pact for - Rooppur atomic plant
    • Indian Navy sailboat INSV Tarini arrives in Cape Town, South Africa headed by - Women Team
    •  Rs 2,919 crore projects under Nirbhaya fund to create 8 safe cities approved by - Union Ministry of Women and Child Development
    • Bharati Defence delivers interceptor boat to Coast Guard - ICG C-162

    Current Affairs 5th March 2018 -  Details

    Zero Discrimination Day 2018 observed globally on - 1st March 2018

    The Zero Discrimination Day was celebrated across the globe on March 1st, 2018, requesting people to
    embrace diversity and identify the diverse set of aptitudes and skills that each person comes with. This year, the UNAIDS promotes that there should not be any injustice among people related to their age, race, ethnicity, sex, disability, geographical location, health status, economic status and many more.
    The Day lime-lights the role of society in changing the way people are looked upon. It seeks for a more fair and just civilization.
    More about Zero Discrimination Day

    • The UNs initially observed the “Zero Discrimination Day” previously in 1st March 2014.
    • The Day was celebrated after UNAIDS initiated its Zero Discrimination Programme on World AIDS Day in December 2013.
      More about UNAIDS
    • The UNAIDS is a United Nations program on HIV and AIDS.
    • It looks forward to finish AIDS as a public health danger by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Targets.
    • Since its initiation in 1996, UNAIDS has been providing the strategic direction, advocacy, coordination and technical support to deliver life-saving HIV services.

    India, Russia, Bangladesh signed pact for - Rooppur atomic plant

    India, Bangladesh and Russia have inked a tripartite MoU for assistance in construction of Rooppur
    nuclear power plant near Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is 1st enterprise under India-Russia nuclear contract to
    undertake atomic energy schemes in 3rd nations. It will also be India’s first atomic energy project abroad.
    More about Rooppur nuclear power plant

    • Rooppur Nuclear project is capable of 2*1200 MWs capacity. It is Bangladesh’s 1st atomic energy plan.
    • It is being constructed with Russia’s assistance near Dhaka. After completion of this plant, Bangladesh will become 3rd South Asian nation after India and Pakistan to join atomic energy for energy mode.
    • Russia will construct nuclear power plant for this on a turn-key basis.  It means that servicer will finish complete plan and they will be accountable for any difficulties that arise in plant.
    • Russia’s possibility of work consists of outline, manufacturing and tools supply, fitting, construction, start-up and commissioning.
    • India being not subscriber of Nuclear Suppliers Group will not take part directly in building of atomic power reactors. But, Indian firms will be tangled in construction and installation activities and in supply of apparatus of non-critical class.
      Did you know?
    • In December 2014, India and Russia had inked “Strategic Vision for Strengthening Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy’ to discover options for sourcing supplies, apparatus and services from Indian industry for building Russian-designed nuclear power plants in 3rd nations.

    Indian Navy sailboat INSV Tarini arrives in Cape Town, South Africa headed by - Women Team

    Indian Navy’s sailboat INSV Tarini, headed by only women team, entered Cape Town, South Africa as
    part of Navika Sagar Parikrama journey. This point is ending phase of its maiden journey to circumnavigate globe before it departs Cape Town and come back to Goa in April 2018, on completion of the journey.
    So far, the sailboat has completed 1,75,00 nautical miles from its initiation in Goa in September 2017.
    The journey was covered all in five-legs, with  major stops at Fremantle in Australia, Lyttleton in New Zealand,
    Port Stanley in Falklands-United Kingdom, and Cape Town in South Africa. The sailboat has gone through Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans till date.
    More on Navika Sagar Parikrama expedition

    • The Navika Sagar Parikrama journey was initiated by Nirmala Sitharaman Goa in September 2017.
    • This is the 1st-ever Indian go-round of the sphere by an only-women team.
    • The sailboat is commanded by Lt Commander Vartika Joshi, and women team including Lt Commanders Pratibha Jamwal, P Swathi, and Lt S Vijaya Devi, Payal Gupta and B Aishwarya.
    • The journey is consonance with National Policy to authorize females to achieve their complete potential.
    • It also focuses to display case Nari Shakti on world platform and assistance in transforming social
      attitudes and attitude towards females in India by levitation visibility of their contribution in challenging situations.
    • The team is organizing and upgrading meteorological, oceanic and wave information on daily basis for precise weather forecast by India Meteorological Department

    Rs 2,919 crore projects under Nirbhaya fund to create 8 safe cities approved by - Union Ministry of Women and Child Development

    The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development has sanctioned projects worth Rupees 2,919
    crores under “Nirbhaya Fund” for forming 8-safe cities. These are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru,
    Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Lucknow.
    Key Points

    • The schemes for safe cities will have main focus on women safety in public places and Quick Response Systems to maintain prevention against crime.
    • Schemes for safe cities were formed in coordination with MCs and Police commissioner officials of these cities.


    • Plan worth Rupees 663 crores was sanctioned to improve safety of public spaces like schools,
      roads and metro stations.
    • It consists utilisation of latest techniques including video monitoring, face recognition specialists and individual tracking systems.
    • It will also deliver dedicated women safety patrolling vehicles loaded with GPS enabling and on-board video sharing systems to the present fleet of the department of Delhi Police.


    • Plan valued Rupees 252 crore was approved to enable GIS-mapping of illegal spots, training of
      inspecting officials, video investigation and Quick Response Police groups.
    • It will also fortify Police Didi scheme wherein lady police officers meeting with females living in slum areas.
    • It will get Rupees 425 crores for Plan that will form safe-zone groups at major crime areas, safety in public transportation, GIS grounded crime-mapping, and a helpdesk facility for females.
    • Moreover, cybercrime and lawful assistance compensation laboratory will also be formed.
    •  ABHAYAM Vans approved Rs. 253 crore for faster response to females in pain, “She Teams’ for women investigation and One-Stop Crisis Centres.
    • The Proposal also imagines redevelopment of Sabarmati River Front to make it more female friendly.
    •  It will receive Rupees 181.32 crores for different plans, including empowering 9 women police
    • It will receive Rupees 667 crores for Schemes which will be used for creation of women police
      outposts and setting-up of protection islands.
      Nirbhaya Fund
    • The fund is shaped by Ministry of Finance in 2013. It is devoted for the employment of initiatives focused at magnifying the protection and safety for females in the nation.
    • It is observed by Empowered Committee of Officers under Secretary of Women and Child Development Ministry.
    • It is an inter-governmental committee evaluates and acclaims numerous schemes planned by different departments to be sponsored from Nirbhaya Fund.
    • The corpus of Nirbhaya Fund has grown to Rupees 3,100 crores between 2013-2017.

    Bharati Defence delivers interceptor boat to Coast Guard - ICG C-162

     Bharati Defence and Infrastructure Ltd supplied high-speed interceptor boat ICG C-162 to Indian Coast Guard at Bharati Defence and Infrastructure Ltd jetty in Mangaluru, Karnataka.

    It is 5th interceptor boat supplied by Bharati Defence and Infrastructure Ltd shipyard to Indian Coast Guard. The 6th boat will be supplied following three-and- a-half months of the supply of the 5th boat.
    More about ICG C-162

    • The boat will be grounded at Kochi and will be utilised for patrolling motives. It can house 11 crew
    • The boat was initiated in January 2018 and has positively accomplished the harbour and sea
    • It is 28m long with aluminium body and weighs approximate 60 DWT. It is planned for a speed of
      approximately 35 knots.
    • It is equipped with latest generation of Arneson Surface Drive propulsion system, drove by 2 engines of 1650 kilowatt each.

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