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  • Current Affairs 6th August 2019

    Updated : 06-Aug-2019
    Current Affairs 6th August 2019

    Current Affairs 6th August 2019 - Important Points

    • Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh Bifurcated after scrapping - Article 370
    • CAB’s Lifetime Achievement Award awarded to - Arun Lal
    • Gold Medal in 53kgs in Poland Open Wrestling Tournament won by - Vinesh Phogat
    • Who crosses English Channel on hoverboard for 1st time ? - France’s Franky Zapata
    • Rs 4,900 crore Kosi-Mechi Interlinking project approved by -  Union Government 

    Current Affairs 6th August 2019 - Details

    Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh Bifurcated after scrapping - Article 370

    Union home minister Amit Shah presented a bill to bifurcate the JandK into 2 UTs including JandK and Ladakh. While JandK will be a UT with a legislature, while Ladakh region will be a UT without a legislature. Earlier, Union Home Minister informed in the Parliament that Article 370 will be withdrawn from Kashmir. Home Minister Amit Shah tabled JandK Reservation Amendment Bill in Rajya Sabha.
    The Union Cabinet meeting has over while AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi has raised Adjournment
    Motion Notice in Lok Sabha over Kashmir issue. The government has positioned security forces in
    Srinagar in view of the imposition of section 144 CrPC from midnight August 5th, 2019. 3 major
    political leaders of JandK Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Sajjad Lone were put under house arrest.
    Amit Shah and other cabinet minister are presently led to Parliament following attending a Cabinet meeting at PM Narendra Modi's residence in New Delhi. Amit Shah's declaration may be in
    connection with Article 370 and Article 35A which guarantee special provisions to JandK.
    Present Situation in JandK

    • The government has forced section 144 from midnight of August 5th and all public gatherings have
      been restricted.
    • Mobile and internet facilities have been postponed in several places while satellite phones were
      given to some important government officers.
    • Massive security built-up in the state, according to the several media reports, approximately 35000
      military troops have been deployed in the JandK valley.
    • Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Sajjad Lone were put under house arrest without any deadline notice.
    • As per to government orders, all educational institutions shall remain closed.
    • ID cards have been dispensed for essential services and officials will be treated these passes as
      movement passes wherever needed.

    CAB’s Lifetime Achievement Award awarded to - Arun Lal

    Earlier India cricketer and Bengal captain Arun Lal presented with Karthik Bose Lifetime Achievement award of the Cricket Association of Bengal’s in Kolkata. Earlier Bengal captain Raju Mukherjee was also considered for 2091 Lifetime Achievement but Cricket Association of Bengal eventually picked Lal.
    More about Arun Lal

    • The 63 years old right-hander played 16 Test matches and 13 ODIs for India between 1982 and 1989.
    • He is known for his determined determination both on and off field. He secured his battle against jaw cancer and was coaching Bengal.
    • He played 6 seasons for Delhi before becoming a regular feature for Bengal.
    • One-Day Internationals president Sourav Ganguly selected him as a mentor of Bengal team last
      Career Achievements
    • He was a major figure in Bengal’s Ranji Trophy triumph in 1989 and was credited with implanting a
      positive attitude in state team’s approach.
    • His highest Test score of 93 came at Eden Gardens, West Bengal, against West Indies in 1987.
      He has aggregate score of more than 10000 runs in 156 first-class matches.

    Gold Medal in 53kgs in Poland Open Wrestling Tournament won by - Vinesh Phogat

    Indian Wrestler Vinesh Phogat secured Gold Medal in women’s 53 kgs category at Poland Open wrestling tournament in Warsaw. The 24 years old triumphed 3-2 over wrestler Roksana of Poland in final of game. This is her 3rd consecutive Gold Medal in women’s 53 kgs category following Spain and Turimportant.
    Important Highlights

    • She had earlier beaten Sofia Mattson of Sweden, Rio Olympics bronze medallist, in quarterfinals
      of this international game.
    • In July 2019 Vinesh Phogat, the top Indian female wrestler had stood atop podium that means
      secured Gold Medal at Grand Prix of Spain and at Yasar Dogu International at Istanbul in Turkey.
    • Since changing her weight category from 50 kgs to 53 kgs, she has continued her winning spree
      by winning a silver, a bronze, and 3 Gold Medal.
    • In September 2019 she will next represent India at World Championships in Nursultan in
      Kazakhstan that suggests 6 Tokyo Olympic quotas in each weight category.

    Rs 4,900 crore Kosi-Mechi Interlinking project approved by -  Union Government 

    Union Government has sanctioned Rs 4900 crore Kosi-Mechi Interlinking project for interweaving of Kosi and Mechi rivers of Bihar. This is the 2nd major river interweaving project in the nation to be sanctioned by Central Government following the Ken-Betwa project in MP. This sanction comes following this project secured the last remaining mandatory technical-cum-administrative nod from
    Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
    More about Kosi-Mechi Interlinking project

    • It envisions diversion of part of excess water of Kosi river via current Hanuman Nagar barrage to
      Mechi River of Mahananda basin. Mechi River is significant tributary of Mahananda river. Its basin
      is mostly deficient in providing adequate water for irrigation.
    • It will give relieve large swathes of north Bihar especially Seemanchal region, from danger of
      recurring floods. It will channel excess water from Kosi River into Mahananda, thus augmenting
      redistribution of the excess waters and providing it for irrigation of whooping 2.14 lakh hectares of
      command areas spread across the districts of Kishanganj, Araria, Purnia and Katihar in north Bihar.
    • It has the potential to usher in coming green revolution in Seemanchal region.
    • This project consists no displacement of population and there is no diversion of any forest land. Besides, no national park, wildlife sanctuary, eco-sensitive areas, etc. are present within 10 kms radius of project.

    Who crosses English Channel on hoverboard for 1st time ? - France’s Franky Zapata

    France’s Franky Zapata effectively crossed English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard for 1st
    time. The journey took just more than 20 minutes. The French inventor reached speeds of 110 m/h
    to complete 22 miles journey on his flyboard. He took off from Sangatte, northern France and landed
    in St. Margarets Bay, near Dover in southeast England. This was his 2nd attempt following a failed
    attempt in July 2019.
    More about Franky Zapata

    • In July 2019, he captured world’s imagination when he took to skies overhead Paris at Bastille Day
      parade with board that can attain an altitude of approximately 500 feet and speed of 87m/h.
      He has worked with US and French militaries.
    • In 2011 he developed Flyboard, a device that utilises a water jet to propel rider through air behind
      a boat. He later invented Flyboard Air, a board powered by 4 turbo jet engines that permits a rider
      to fly through air untethered, using a computer to keep it alleviated.
    • In 2016, Zapata made a world record for farthest hoverboard flight following he flew Flyboard Air
      along the south coast of France for 2252 m.
    • French military financed $1.4 million to pay for tests of board as French Special Forces are
      interested in flying board for various usages such as a possible assault device.
      More about English Channel
    • It is also known as the ‘Channel’. In French, Channel is known as La Manche.
    • It is narrow arm of Atlantic Ocean that splits Southern England from northern France and connects
      southern part of North Sea to Atlantic Ocean.
    • It is busiest shipping area in world.
      Crossing of English Channel
    • Over the years English Channel has been traversed in many innovative ways including by
      gondola, pedalo, hot air balloon, hovercraft, monoski, glider and parachute.
    • In July 1909, French aviator Louis Blériot made 1st airplane flight between continental Europe and
      Great Britain in a monoplane.
    • In 1875, Captain Matthew Webb was 1st to swim from Dover to Calais, finishing journey in 21.45

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