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  • Current Affairs 9th February 2019

    Updated : 09-Feb-2019
    Current Affairs 9th February 2019

    Current Affairs 9th February 2019 - Important Points

    • Sale of 2 missile defence systems for Air India One  approved by - US
    • David Malpass for the Presidency of World Bank nominated by - President Trump
    • Father Franois Laborde conferred with - Légion d’Honneur
    • Arundhati Scheme of Assam declared to issue gold to - Brides
    • Vidarbha claimed 2nd successive Ranji Trophy as a  - Defending Champion
    • Part 2 of the Darwaza Band Campaign Launched under -  Swachh Bharat Mission

    Current Affairs 9th February 2019 - Details

    Sale of 2 missile defence systems for Air India One  approved by - US

    The United States President has sanctioned the sale of 2 missile defence systems for Air India One. The 2 missile defence systems Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures- LAIRCAM & Self-Protection Suites-SPS will improve the security of planes flying the PM & the President.
    Enhancing the Security of Prime Minister & President

    • The new defence systems are being assimilated given the high-level threat to the PM & the President.
    • Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures defend large aircraft from man-portable missiles.
    • Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures system upsurges crew-warning time, reduces false alarm rates & inevitably counters advanced intermediate range missile systems.
    • The missile warning subsystem will practice multiple sensors to deliver full spatial coverage &  the
      counter-measures subsystem will usage lasers mounted in pointer-tracker turret assemblies.
    • The countermeasure systems will also automatically counter advanced intermediate range missile
      systems with no action needed by the crew.
    • Self-Protection Suites will ease a more robust capability into areas of amplified missile threats.
    • These defence systems would be installed at 2 Boeing 777 Head-of-State aircraft which takes President & PM.

    David Malpass for the Presidency of World Bank nominated by - President Trump

    The United States President Trump has designated David Malpass for the post of the president of the
    World Bank.
    David Malpass
    David Malpass had detained senior roles in the United States Treasury during the Reagan & George H.W.Bush governments. He has also worked as Chief Economist at Bear Stearns bank. Later he founded research group Encima Global & apprehended a number of directorships at finance companies.
    After the assent of Trump to the United States Presidency, Mr Malpass took up a senior position at the
    United States Treasury &was the undersecretary for international affairs.
    President of World Bank
    An established track record of leadership.
    Experience managing large companies with international exposure, & a familiarity with the public sector.
    Ability to lucid a clear vision of the Bank’s development mission.
    A company commitment to & gratefulness for multilateral co-operation.
    Effective & diplomatic communication skills, neutrality, &objectivity.

    Arundhati Scheme of Assam declared to issue gold to - Brides

    The government of Assam has declared a new scheme called Arundhati to issue gold at zero cost to the

    More about Arundhati Scheme

    Under the plan, the government of Assam goals to deliver 1 Tola Gold, (about Rupees 38,000) as on
    today, to brides belonging to all such communities of Assam where it is customary to give gold at the time of the wedding.
    The government has set aside Rupees 300 crore has been for the execution of the Arundhati Scheme.
    The plan is called after Arundhati, wife of great sage Basistha.
    Arundhati measured an epitome of chastity & conjugal bliss & the government, intends to wish the bride
    with joy & happiness of that of Arundhati.
    The profit under Arundhati scheme can be enjoyed by official marriage registration under Special
    Marriage (Assam) Rules, 1954 & gold will be delivered to recipients exact in time for the social marriage.
    The plan is limited for economically weaker sections, whose yearly income is less than Rupees 5 lakh.

    Vidarbha claimed 2nd successive Ranji Trophy as a  - Defending Champion

    The defending champions Vidarbha secured the 85th Ranji Trophy title. The defending champions beaten Saurashtra by 78 runs in the final match.
    Score Card of the Ranji Final Clash
    Vidarbha scored 312 & 200
    Saurashtra scored 307 & 127
    Aditya Sarwate of Vidarbha was announced man of the match for his 11 wickets &49 runs in Vidarbha’s 2nd innings which helped Vidarbha finalizing the title for the 2nd time.
    Ranji Trophy
    Ranji Trophy is the Indian local 1st-class cricket championship among teams representing regional/state
    cricket associations. The championship is baptized after Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja, who was superbly
    referred to as “Ranji”.
    The cricket championship was initiated in July 1934 &  the 1st fixture was organised between Madras & Mysore at the Chepauk ground, Madras. The Ranji Trophy was also donated by Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji
    Mumbai have secured the tournament the greatest number of times with 41 victories. Vidarbha became the 6th team to magnificently defend their title. The other sides to secure the consecutive titles are Bombay/Mumbai, Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan & Karnataka.

    Part 2 of the Darwaza Band Campaign Launched under -  Swachh Bharat Mission

    The part 2 of Darwaza Band campaign which goals to promote the usage of toilets & to maintain the open defecation free status of villages across India has been released.
    The campaign has been released under the guidance of Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen initiative of
    Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation.
    Darwaja Band accurately stands for shutting the door. The campaign representatively stands for shutting the door for Open Defecation. The campaign goals to inspire behaviour change in males who have toilets but are not utilising them & to motivate females to stand up for this matter in their villages & assume a leadership role.
    The Darwaza Band campaign is fabricated to motivate behaviour change through television ads, radio
    jingles, outdoor publicity & digital campaigns.
    Making India open Defecation Free
    The information from government proposes that more than 50 crore people have stopped defecating in
    the open since the initiation of the Swachh Bharat Mission &more than 5.5 lakh villages have been announced Open Defecation Free. The National Sanitation coverage is now in excess of 98% as
    compared to 39% in 2014.

    Father Franois Laborde conferred with - Légion d’Honneur

    Father Franois Laborde, a 92 years old priest from Bengal was awarded with Légion d’Honneur (Legion of Honour) in recognition of his efforts for specially-abled &destitute children. Father Laborde has his roots in France & is the resident of India now.
    Father Laborde has formed an organisation known as Howrah South Point which assists for the
    development of specially-abled children, the destitute & the poorest sections of the society.
    Father Franois Laborde is the 3rd person from the state of West Bengal to have been conferred the
    Legion of Honour. The honour has already been conferred upon film maestro Satyajit Ray & actor
    Soumitra Chatterjee. Both of them also bursts from the state of West Bengal.
    Légion d’Honneur (Legion of Honour)

    • Légion d’Honneur (Legion of Honour) formally National Order of the Legion of Honour was introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 as a general military & civil order of merit awarded without regard to birth/religion provided that anyone oaths to sustain liberty & equality.
    • The honour has been reserved by all later French governments &regimes. It is the highest civilian reward given by the French government for outstanding service & superiority in any field regardless of the nationality of the beneficiaries.

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