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Database management systems are used to

  • eliminate data redundancy
  • establish relationships among records in different files
  • manage file access
  • none of above
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1. Non procedural query language can be related with

  • Function dependency
  • B tree
  • Domain calculus
  • Relational algebric operators

2. In context of database DML Means

  • Data Multiplication Line
  • Data Manupulation Language
  • Data Method Limit
  • Data Merit Logic

3. Fragmentation of a file system

  • Can always be prevented
  • occurs only is file is not used properly
  • Can be temporarily removed by compaction
  • None of above

4. Physical location of a record in database is determined with the help of

  • B tree file
  • Indexed file
  • Hashed file
  • sequential file

5. Which command is used to set a link between two database files

  • JOIN
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  • Tarun 7 years ago

    eliminate data redundancy