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eof() is used to get

  • easy code reivew
  • end of file
  • debug report
  • file close
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1. Which stream class is used to both read and write on files ?

  • ofstream
  • ifstream
  • fstream
  • iostream

2. Which is correct syntax ?

  • myfile:open ("example.bin", ios::out);
  • ("example.bin", ios::out);
  • myfile::open ("example.bin", ios::out);
  • ("example.bin", ios:out);

3. Which among is used for positioning relative to the beginning of a stream ?

  • ios::start
  • ios::beg
  • ios::begin
  • ios::beginning

4. Which functions allow to change the location of the get and put positions ?

  • sg() and sp()
  • sekg() and sekp()
  • gog() and gop()
  • seekg() and seekp()

5. Which stream class is to only read from files ?

  • ofstream
  • ifstream
  • fstream
  • iostream
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