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Find correct sequence of sentence :

P: appear in examinations
Q: many students from all over India
R: by different organisations
S: which are held on all India basis

  • QPSR
  • QRSP
  • QPRS
  • PRQS
Similar Questions :

1. Find correct sequence of sentences :

P: quickly and effortlessly
Q: on the ability to recognize words
R: this being the case, it is generally believed
S: that proficient reading depends

  • RSPQ
  • PQRS
  • RSQP
  • RPQR

2. Find correct sequence of sentences :

1: Pollution has been defined
P: or form of energy to the environment at
Q: accommodate its dispersion, breakdown, recycling or
R: a rate faster than the environment can
S: as the addition of any substance
6: storage in some harmless form

  • PRSQ
  • SPRQ
  • SRPQ
  • RPSQ

3. Find the right sequence of sentences:

P: in my heart of hearts
Q: to hear his voice
R: I wasn't sure what I really wished
S: through that window once more

  • PQRS
  • RPQS
  • SRQP
  • RPSQ

4. Find correct sequence of sentences :

P: These materials are highly effective in
Q: verbal reasoning and critical thinking
R: supplementing the education of
S: skills on behalf of the reader.

  • PQRS
  • PRQS
  • RSPQ
  • QPRS

5. Find the correct sequence of sentences :

1 : I took cigarettes from my case.
P : but when the fit of coughing was over, he replaced it between his lips.
Q : I lit one of them and placed it between the lips.
R : then with a feeble hand he removed the cigarette.
S : slowly he took a pull at it and coughed violently.
6 : Then he continues to draw on it.

  • RPQS
  • QSRP
  • PQRS
  • QRSP
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