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Idioms and Phrases Questions Answers

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  • Deepak Barwal 2 years ago

    commendable and helpful data here for forthcoming exam,codially thanks for gigantic contriburtion,aspirants ease by studying here

  • Sozib Monshi 2 years ago

    Is there any copy write issue ?? I want to use this question for learning purpose .

  • Anshu 3 years ago

    hello admin your site is extremely helpful and worthy. However, I have a question whether you provide online test also. If not, then it is my humble suggestion to add that specially for maths and reasoning.

  • Abhi 3 years ago

    thank you adminstrator ! your website has been really helpful !

    mastguru 3 years ago replied

    You are welcome Abhi !

    mastguru 3 years ago replied

    Sure Anshu, we are working on it. Thanks for your feedback.

    mastguru 2 years ago replied

    Hi Sozib.. Our content is protected and before using it you need to get permission from our management. other wise we will suggest you to not to use it otherwise.

  • sahil 3 years ago

    Very nice

  • somya 3 years ago

    Hats off 2 u guys

    mastguru 3 years ago replied

    Thank you Somya !!!

  • sanjay tiwari 3 years ago

    greatfull thanks for this content

    mastguru 3 years ago replied

    Thank you Sanjay ji for your kind feedback !

  • mastguru 3 years ago

    Welcome Nitin :)

  • rawi teja 4 years ago

    thank you administrator for your extra ordinary content

    mastguru 4 years ago replied

    Thank you Rawi for your feedback..

    mastguru 4 years ago replied

    Welcome Rawi