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Important English Words

  • 61. Clad

    Means: Dressed Or Covered
  • 62. Cleave

    Means: Separate Or Cut With A Tool, Such As A Sharp Instrument
  • 63. Clemency

    Means: Mercy, Lenience
  • 64. Coast

    Means: The Shore Of A Sea Or Ocean
  • 65. Cohere

    Means: Cause To Form A United, Orderly, And Aesthetically Consistent Whole
  • 66. Concept

    Means: An Abstract Or General Idea Inferred Or Derived From Specific Instances
  • 67. Confer

    Means: Have A Conference In Order To Talk Something Over
  • 68. Confined

    Means: Restricted
  • 69. Conscientious

    Means: Characterized By Extreme Care And Great Effort
  • 70. Consecrate

    Means: Render Holy By Means Of Religious Rites
  • 71. Consider

    Means: Deem To Be
  • 72. Conspicuous

    Means: Obvious To The Eye Or Mind
  • 73. Constellation

    Means: A Group Of Stars Forming A Recognizable Pattern That Is Traditionally Named After Its Apparent Form Or Identified With A Mythological Figure.
  • 74. Constrained

    Means: Lacking Spontaneity, Not Natural
  • 75. Contempt

    Means: Lack Of Respect
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