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Java Objective Questions Answers -Chapter 1

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  • Aishu 1 year ago

    useful one. provide more questions

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  • Mandeep Kamboj 4 years ago

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  • Sandeep Singh 5 years ago

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  • Sandeep Singh 5 years ago

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    mastguru 5 years ago replied

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  • Kishan 5 years ago

    Have a look at this for some good questions as well:

  • Nilima 5 years ago

    I have doubt in one question as you ahve said that JDBC-ODBC bridge is multithreaded...... But, according to me it does not support multithreading

  • Archana Choudhury 5 years ago

    it is really helpful..thnk u for this

  • kuldeep kushwaha 5 years ago

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  • sunil 6 years ago

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  • kritika 6 years ago

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