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Meaning of IOS is

  • Integrated operating system
  • Intergrated open system
  • Internetworking operating system
  • None of above
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1. Which command will take cursor to beginning of line

  • Ctrl+A
  • Ctrl+E
  • Ctrl+B
  • Ctrl+F

2. CLI in IOS terminology is short form of

  • Caller line interface
  • Common line interface
  • Command link interface
  • None of above

3. Command to find the broadcast address from router

  • show running-config
  • show startup-config
  • show interfaces
  • show protocols

4. If you delete contents of NVRAM and reboot router, in which mode you will enter

  • Privileged mode
  • Global mode
  • Setup mode
  • There will be error

5. Subinterfaces allows to you to

  • Create logical interfaces within the router
  • Get into previleged mode
  • Get into user execution mode
  • None of above
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