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  • CMAT Exam Preparation, Syllabus and Tips

    Updated : 09-May-2018
    CMAT Exam Preparation, Syllabus and Tips

    Preparation of CMAT Entrance Exam

    CMAT stands for Common Management Admission Test. It is a national level entrance examination conducted by All India Council for Technical Education every year to smooth education centres to opt desired graduate candidates for admission in various Management subjects proposed by AICTE approved centres. CMAT, earlier organized twice a year, will be conducted only once a year, preferably on 3rd Sunday of January.

    CMAT Preparation Strategy

    The paper can be segmented into three parts:

    1. Concept driven-
    • There is Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation and selected areas of Language Comprehension that comes under the concept driven segment.
    • Questions on these areas are sometimes difficult to answer without the basic clarity of concepts, thus we advise candidates to clear all their basic concepts and important fundamentals in these topics.
    1. Practice intensive -
    • Logical Reasoning is a totally related to the practice intensive section.
    • For this segment we advise the students to practise past and similar questions that have the direct impact on the up-coming CMAT examination questions.

    2. Environment sensitive-

    • Awareness about the daily and general topics is covered under this environment sensitive section.
    • These topics can be easily prepared by reading and summarizing day to day current affairs in various daily newspapers and magazines and of course from internet, the most trusted and fastest way to access the information and knowledge.

    CMAT exam is an appreciable approach to bring different exams together on a single platform to overcome the mental stress by students every year for these different exams.

    CMAT Preparation Tips -

    CMAT entrance test is a 3 hours computer based online test. Thus, the understanding of preparation for CMAT exam is most important. There are various topics to be covered in CMAT examination. Thus, the candidates are advised to prepare for every topic, every section in detail and if prefer to go for a single subject at a time. The preparation for CAT and CMAT examinations syllabus is almost similar. Let us first go through few tips which are covered in CMAT examination, individually on each topic.

    Topics covered in CMAT are -

    1. Logical reasoning-(25 questions of 100 marks)

    The questions in this section are Logical sequence, Blood Relations, Assumption, Binary Logic, Inference, Judgment, Calendars, Clocks and Analogy.

    2. Quantitative analysis and data interpretation-(25 questions of 100 marks)

    This section contains mainly Mathematics related questions. The subjects under it are percentages, allegations-mixtures, inequalities, speed, distance and time, averages, sets-functions, number system, profit-loss, time-work, simple-compound interest.

    3. Language comprehension-(25 questions of 100 marks)

    This section checks the writing capabilities of students. Thus, a student must develop a habit of reading daily national newspapers, educational and general magazines that improves vocabulary and this approach helps scoring good marks.

    4. General Knowledge-(25 questions of 100 marks)

    The General Knowledge syllabus mostly consists of Current Issues, Sports, National and International issues, Economics, Current affairs, Literature, latest inventions and many more. In today’s time, magazine, daily newspapers and journals on various topics are the best way to prepare and full your knowledge for the CMAT entrance examination. These current topics boost the confidence of candidates that helps them in better performance during the examination. Moreover, candidates could update themselves with various online topics, that these days are the best and instant source of information.

    Further Tips for improvements are explained below-

    1. Time bound approach -

    One common mistake in the ambitious students is that they never practise time bounded approaches. Due to this candidates are not able to complete various topics within time that results in an incomplete examination. The facility to get that required speed for the exam is much important because candidates you do not want to be fumble for running out of time and not be able to answer the questions.

    2. Gear-up to clear your concepts-

    The topics that are not easily understood by the candidates need a special attention during the preparation of CMAT examination. If candidates started preparing for the exam, then they have much time to spend on their doubtful topics. However, id candidates are short of time then they should focus on covering and practicing topics which are much clear to them. This would save wastage of time in understanding those topics and candidates can make use of that time for revision.

    3. No Negative Marking

    Good news for the ambitious candidates is that CMAT examination does not have any negative marking. The absence of negative marking does not means that students should attempt the entire question on the basis of their guess but candidates could take it as an opportunity to solve those questions about which candidates are little sure for the right choice between any two options and there would be higher chances of getting answer right.

    4. Prepare small and precise notes

    Candidates must try to write small notes about the topic they prepare because things in writing habits last for longer time than verbal preparation. Moreover, candidate would find those small notes useful during their final revision.

    5. Practise and revision for success

    Revision plays the most important while preparing CMAT and other examinations. Revision is a vital thing that gives extra confidence during preparation and final examination. As more is the revision, more are the chances to clear various concepts regarding various subjects and topics.

     We wish you all the “Best of Luck” for your CMAT entrance Examination and hope you found all the required information on the preparation of CMAT Entrance Examination and we welcome your all queries, suggestions, complaints or question and please mention them in the comment section and we will try to resolve them to make you aware of all the queries. To keep yourself updated, check more articles on our website.

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