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Percentage Questions Answers

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  • GITTISHA 2 years ago


  • cha 4 years ago

    ok ok

  • cha 4 years ago


  • cha 4 years ago

    all nursery questiond

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  • IRFAN 5 years ago

    nice sir thank u

  • mani 6 years ago

    Want more problems regarding elections

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    Sure Mani, will make more !

    mastguru 5 years ago replied

    thank you friend !

  • RICHA 6 years ago

    very good questions .... it provides such type of question which i really want to know its solution...thank u...

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    welcome Richa !

  • mastguru 6 years ago

    Welcome Sandy :)

  • Antarleen Sinha 6 years ago

    the questions are very exclusive and very good for practicing, these questions will really help me in the ANYTSE 2014. thanks!

    mastguru 6 years ago replied

    welcome Antarleen.

  • rajkumar 7 years ago

    thanks a lot mast......... mastguru

    mastguru 7 years ago replied

    You are most welcome Raj Kumar ji..