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Physics Questions Answers

  • 15. K. Macmillan invented

    1. Bicycle
    2. Barometer
    3. Calculating Machine
    4. Centigrade Scale
    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option A


    K. Macmillan of Scotland invented Bicycle in 1839.

    Barometer was invented by E. Torricelli of Italy in 1644.

    Calculating Machine was invented by Pascal of France in 1642.

    Centigrade Scale was invented by A. Celsius of France in 1742.

  • 16. Thomas Alva Edison invented

    1. Cinema
    2. Cine Camera
    3. Computer
    4. Cinematograph
    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option D


    Thomas Alva Edison of USA invented Cinematograph in 1891,

    Cinema was invented by A.L. and J.L. Lumiere of France in 1895,

    Cine Camera was invented by Friese-Greene of Britain in 1889,

    Computer was invented by Charles Babbage of Britain in 1834, he is also known as Father of Computer.

  • 17. Alfred Nobel invented

    1. X ray
    2. Diesel Engine
    3. Dynamite
    4. Dynamo
    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option C


    Alfred Nobel if Sweden invented Dynamite in 1867,

    X ray was invented by Wilhelm Roentgen of Germany in 1895,

    Diesel Engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel of Germany 1892,

    Dynamo was invented by Michael Faraday of England in 1831.

  • 18. David Hughes invented

    1. Machine Gun
    2. Microphone
    3. Microscope
    4. Motorcycle
    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option B


    David Hughes of USA invented Microphone in 1878,

    Machine Gun was invented by Richard Gatling of USA in 1861,

    Microscope was invented by Z. Jansen of Netherlands in 1590,

    Motorcycle was invented by Edward Butler of England in 1884.

  • 19. Marie and Pierre Curie invented

    1. Radio
    2. Radium
    3. Radar
    4. Refrigerator
    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option B


    Marie and Pierre Curie of France invented Radium in 1898,

    Radio was invented by G. Marconi of England in 1901,

    Radar was invented by Dr. A.H. Taylor and L.C. Young of USA in 1922,

    Refrigerator was invented by J. Harrison and A. Catlin of Britain in 1834.

  • 20. Alexander Graham Bell invented

    1. Telephone
    2. Telescope
    3. Television
    4. Tank
    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option A


    Alexander Graham Bell of USA invented Telephone in 1876,

    Telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey of Netherlands in 1608,

    Television was invented by John Logie Bared of Scotland in 1926,

    Tank was invented by Sir Ernest Swington of England in 1914.

  • 21. Harry Brearley has invented

    1. Electric iron
    2. Electromagent
    3. Stainless Steel
    4. Gramophone
    Answer And Explanation

    Answer: Option C


    Harry Brearley of England has invented Stainless Steel in 1913,

    Electric iron has been invented by H.W. Seeley of USA in 1882,

    Electromagent has been invented by W.Sturgeon of England in 1824,

    Gramophone has been invented by T.A. Edison of USA in 1878.

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