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  • Yousuf Khan 4 years ago

    Kuch toh latest comments dalo yaar......!!

  • Vidhi Bansal 6 years ago

    explaination is wrong but answers are right.

  • Sitam Mohanty 7 years ago

    In qs Rohit is sitting two places right of pritam but in circle it is indicated that Rohit is sitting third place right of Pritam.I cannot understand this please make it clear.

  • Prashant 7 years ago

    As below question given in side column may also be answered as option C - Ear.
    Since, Lung, Heart and Kidney are internal organs of the body while Ear is the external organ.

    "Choose the word which is least like the other words.

    A. Lung
    B. Heart
    C. Ear
    D. Kidney

    Answer: B

    Note : All except heart are in Pairs."

    fatima 6 years ago replied

    Yup I have also the same problem with this question. The both answers are correct

    Adi 6 years ago replied

    Sorry to intarupt you .... Tell me one thing in human body only one kidney is appear.....

  • neha 7 years ago

    the places of mercedes and cardilac r interchanged in the image..

  • neha 7 years ago

    the places of mercedes and caedilac r interchange in the image..

  • shruthi 7 years ago

    this question is not correct

  • DAMINI 7 years ago

    some questions are good but some are u knw very difficult for a student

  • kamlesh chouhan 7 years ago

    the above answer summary is wrong.....

  • amit koli 7 years ago

    nearly all question found on r.s. agrawal