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Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are known as ?

  • transitions
  • effects
  • custom animations
  • annotations
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1. What is a slide-title master pair ?

  • A slide master and title master for a specific design template
  • The title area and text area of a specific slide
  • A slide master and title master merged into a single slide
  • None of above

2. How can you see all your slides at once ?

  • Through slide sorter view
  • Through slide view
  • Through normal view
  • Through slide show

3. Which of the following tool bars provide different options in various master views ?

  • Standard toolbar
  • Formatting toolbar
  • Common tasks toolbar
  • Drawing toolbar

4. In a slide, what are the steps to insert a hyperlink ?

  • Press Ctrl + K
  • Choose Insert >> Hyperlink
  • Hyperlinks can’t be inserted in slides
  • both a & b

5. Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?

  • Slide show view
  • Slide sorter view
  • Slide view
  • Notes view
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